Monday, February 14, 2011

playing catch-up

2 class parties
1 field trip
1 crazy car adventure
Sewing Club
Valentine's Day
and LOTS of homemade goodies
= no time for blogging

and that doesn't even include the 2 birthdays (Lance & Papa J) coming this week!

Good news is everybody is back 100% healthy, the weather has been just beautiful (hello, neighborhood park!) and I even managed to take my SUV to the car wash for a very needed inside & outside detail job (what is it about a clean car that drives so much better???) :)

So let's start with Hudson's school valentines, since his party was first.

Yummy treats for his sweet MDO teachers, Mrs. Brooke, Mrs. Rebekah, and Mrs. Cheryl, the Director. There's something about homemade chocolate chip cookies that just says LOVE...
More warm & gooey chocolate chip cookies on fun rocket ship melamine plates for his little buddies. Of course a fun little sticker makes everything better!Personalized labels from HERE.

And of course, what's a school party without a little sugar rush... The Crunch mini bars were his favorite ;)

And don't worry, he burned off all that sugar in no time. This little guy is WILD & CRAZY.

This week's tricks...
- climbing the built-ins like a ladder
- stuffing his whole self into the oven, yes, the oven
- taking out all the laundry in the dryer to find himself a new cozy little spot
- taste-testing playdough and dog food
- trying to "love" on our fish...twice
- playing construction hammer on our mirror; and

- eating a mini pack of m&m's, wrapper included.

But did I mention he gives the best hugs, counts to 10 in the sweetest voice, loves to sing Old McDonald, and melts my heart every time he climbs onto my lap, book in hand, and says "Read it"???...............Mama loves you, my little tornado!

1 comment:

Virginia said...

Love the pictures!!!!
(When I asked in Grace's Valentine's post if you had any pictures of Hudson's Valentine's, I hadn't seen these).
You are right, he is a little tornado... but such a lovable one!!!