Wednesday, February 9, 2011

rainy/snowy day fun

Please ignore the messy counter...we're playing catch up on all our usual crafting since last week's hiatus. I wasn't sure if Hudson would be into this craft or not, but he loved the excuse to tear up crayons...and he only tried to eat the orange ones...cheeto resemblence? ;) My resident princess gets excited about pink and
aqua blue...hmmm, wonder where she gets that? Aren't they pretty? Click HERE for more on how to "bake" them :)

Heart-shaped silicone baking tray: Target Dollar Spot
(2 for $2.50).

Print THIS cute card courtesy of the long thread and you've got a fun {almost free} school valentine for the itty bitties. This first batch will be part of the little pumpkin's valentine treat bags for her preschool class.

More on that soon!


Anonymous said...

Jessica, I made these on Monday. I used cooking spray to keep them from sticking, did you? It was extremely hard to get the oil off, while still trying to keep the colors of the crayon looking good. Also, did you fill your heart molds to overflowing? I did not, and they are quite thin. I was glad to see your post, I was going to remake mine. Sorry for all of the quesions. Thanks, Laura :)

Jessica said...

Hi, Laura,

Nope, I didn't use any cooking spray since the oil from the crayons kind of serves like a coating anyhow.

And yes, I did pack the heart molds as full as I could, with some crayons sticking up above the flat surface if that makes sense, so that when they melted they would fill in the gaps created by stacking the crayons.

My big goof..."baked" them at 350 instead of 250 so part of my first silicone pan melted :O Guess I was a bit distracted =)

Louley's Belles said...

Ok so my girls are digging up old crayons as I type and peeling paper rapidly so they can make heart shaped crayons! They are so excited! We've made dipped heart marshmallows and our Mardi Gras tees for the pet parade on the 27th. But they are more excited about these crayons than anything!

Courtana said...

Jess, those kiddos are just too darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica, I'm gonna give it another try in the morning. I appreciate you letting me know!

Really, I'm not sure how you could be distracted with two little ones around. It's unheard of:) Have a good day!

Ashleigh said...

HOW CUTE ARE THOSE!!! See you tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

THEY WORKED, WOO HOOOOO! Thanks again Jessica :)

Young Adventures... said...

Sooo cute! I love the sweet cards too! Have a wonderful weekend!

It's the "Little" Things.... said...

Jessica, I was going to your page the other day to see if you had any free printables or great ideas for "the little's" (yes, I have adopted your name for the kiddos) Valentine's for their friends at school and you had not posted anything yet so I made Pottery Barn Kids inspired envelopes made out of felt for all the kiddos in Cullen's M.D.O. class. It was a big hit! I need to share the link with you! I am still working on my blog. I am not a blogger, trying to get into blogging, still learning! I do love your idea for the homemade heart shaped crayons! You are too talented!

Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! Unfortunately in our "dollar store" (we live in Spain) there were no heart shaped baking trays so yesterday we had to do with round multicolored crayons - but it was still a fun activity to do with my daughter.

Jessica said...

Yay! I'm so glad you guys liked them!!!

Laura S.~ that cracks me up about Lily & Sophie! Love those two!

Court~ thank you!! Love your profile pic! Now...where's the blog? =)

Eileen~ I want to see a link or some pics!! Sounds cute!

Laura~ I'm so glad they worked for you!!! I had a hard time figuring out how to attach them to the card. Hot glue gun + crayon wax = no go, LOL!