Wednesday, February 16, 2011

special delivery

Don't worry, I think this is my last valentine post *wink* but since I like to print our blog as our family's scrapbook I didn't want to miss recording these sweet memories of my littles with gifts from their grands, great-grands, and aunts!

This past week, Grace & Hudson received a very special package in the mail.

Who could it be from??? It's from Memema (the littles' great grandma on Lance's side) & Aunt Marilyn! Yay!!! Hudson loooooooves m&m's...yes, even the wrapper :) Thank you Aunt Marilyn & Memema!

My attempt at a "posed" picture together.
Thank you Noonie & Papa J for the littles' treats! Nothing like getting a bunch of treats right in the car after school! Thank you Mimi & Pop and Aunt Tammie for all the fun treats!!! They were both so excited about their toys and $ for their piggy banks!I later found Grace during a quiet moment playing with her minis. So sweet! More than anything she loves to play with itty bitty dolls :) A little valentine love for the grandparents... Some sweet treats too!Lance and I exchanged valentines too and we'll catch up with a proper date soon ;)

And that's our valentine wrap-up! *whew*
Now, bring on those birthdays!


Kelli said...

Love their cute vintage Valentine shirts!

Cori said...

Millie loves the mini Loopsies. They fit perfectly in the Calico Critters cottage. Calico Critters ... Grace would love those. Does she have any? Let me know, I may have to "introduce" them at her birthday party.

Jenni said...

ok...those little leggings couldn't be cuter!!!

coolkids said...

My almost 5 yaer old loves la la loopsy and she got a minature one for valentines day too!

psst..check out yesterdays giveaway. I Know you will love it!

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys!!

Cori~ she loves anything mini! She's seen the Calico Critters on our shopping trips but doesn't have any - she'd love them, I'm sure! :)

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