Thursday, February 24, 2011


I can't say enough how wonderful it is to work with highly creative people who take pride in their business and who believe 100% in customer service.

When I told
Jess of Party Box Design about our birthday switcheroo and asked her if 1) she could accommodate us in her already busy production schedule; and 2) if there was a premade design in her shop that could fit a bounce house birthday party or that could be tweaked (given the very short time frame we were working with), she was AMAZING.

I sent her the wording and she really went above and beyond in literally hours to create something for the little pumpkin. Not only is she an incredibly talented graphic designer, she's a mama. She understood how important birthdays are to little kids (+ their mamas!). Most importantly, she didn't run in the other direction when I told her what I envisioned - HA!

She tweaked one of her designs beyond my wildest dreams and came up with this:
Isn't it soooo cute for a "jumpy jump" party???
THANK YOU, JESS! Your God-given talent and your sweet personality shine bright and wide!

This little pumpkin was super excited to pass out her jumpy jump birthday invitations at school today.
Almost as excited as she was about the kitty cat in her dress ;){ Thank you Amber for the super cute pants! We've named them her "cotton candy" pants!}

Sooooo................."polka dots & bubblegum" it is....... the bounce house never looked so cute. *wink*


Unknown said...

thanks for the glowing review lady and you are sooo great to work with as well!

PLUS you host the most amazing parties!!!!

p.s. looove the pics!

Amber said...

Love the new invite! Such polka-dot cuteness!!! Grace's Cotton Candy pants look adorable on!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, how sweet of you to have Grace's party at the Bounce House. You are an inspiration to us all. Change is good, just so very hard to get there. The invitations are wonderful. Can't wait to see the photos of the party itself. Have a super day:)

PS. Hadn't been on in a few days. When I was looking at the last few posts, I was giggling at Hudson. He is not a baby, he's a little man now. Funny how that happens. He he they are just too cute for words. Enjoy him, my baby boy is now a couple of inches taller than me, and he is only 13!! :(

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Cute new invite! :)
Love those cotton candy pants! I want some! Where can I get them?

Louley's Belles said...

As usual, you worked it out! I know it will be a fantastic party!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys!

Amy~ my friend Amber made the pants for Grace. Here's the link to her blog:


Queen of Good Intentions said...

Adorable! It is so much fun to see Grace's excitement. I must say it is contageous. Can't wait to see party pictures. Also, love the shiney shoes! Those would be a big hit here. Going to check out Amber's blog. Thanks for sharing!!

anniebobannie said...

Jessica! I want you to be my mom!!! Do you ever sell or donate;) Grace's clothes that she grows out of? I LOVE HER CLOTHES and my Ava is just behind her in age. Let me know! I LOVE your Blog and YOU!!!

Kelli said...

Love the color theme! Polka dots and bubble gum sounds so fun!

My Pigeon Pair said...

Don't you love it when things just fall into place! I am sure this party will be just as amazing as all the others!

Ashleigh said...

I knew you would turn the bounce party into something cute! Can't wait to see pictures!

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys! I'll be posting pics from the party soon =)

Annie~ Yes! I do resell some of her clothes. I'll put a link on this blog when everything is listed on my resell blog: