Tuesday, February 15, 2011

preschool treats

What's a preschool party without some cute treats, right?
The little pumpkin helped me stuff these little bags with treats for her friends. So what did we put in there???
Our "Perfect Pair" marshmallow pops, of course! These funnied-up lollies (idea from HERE). Grace's little buddy Julien...he, he, he too funny! Thank you Angela for sending me his pic! Remember the crayon melts??? Here they are! We added some "love ticket" foam stickers, some flash cards, some Krispy Kreme free donut coupons, and of course LOTS of candy and there you have it...preschool v-day loot bags! Of course we couldn't forget the little pumpkin's sweet teachers... So pretty all packed up and ready to go... Did you make some cute valentine treats for your littles?
I'd love to see them and add them to my idea file!
Share your links with me in the comments :)


Unknown said...

I baked & decorated these personalized sugar cookies for my guy to take to school with him. They were a very big hit!!

Virginia said...

Beautiful Valentine's pictures of Grace and her friends! I love to see how proud she is of her creations (the crown, the cupcake and the name sequence). Your bags of treats look awesome. I bet the kids were very happy to find so many things inside.
PS: Any pictures of Hudson on Velentine's Day?

Jenni said...

I was curious as to how you get the Krispy Kreme coupons (& I've noticed you gave out Wendy's frosty ones at Halloween). Do you pay for those like a gift card? Or do they give these out if you ask for them?

Jessica said...

Julie~ those are so cute! My Grace would love those!

Mom~ check out Hudson's post...a few posts back :)

Jenni~ The Krispy Kreme coupons are free. They gave us 2 booklets on one of our last visits (each booklet has 10 or 12, I can't remember, including 2 coupons for free hot cocoa). The Wendy's coupons are 10 for $1 and they sell them around Halloween every year. The proceeds from the Wendy's coupons support their adoption fund so I love to get them! =)

ADA said...

Going to be putting up my valentine post shortly . . . . .

ignore my lack of blog design- I'm still learning!

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