Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Animals on Parade {Birthday Party with Friends}

Whaaaat? Another party? Wellllllll...guess when you're TWO you should have TWO parties, eh? He he all seriousness, we decided to split our birthday partying into two celebrations...our
red, white and TWO! family party on Hudson's actual birthday and a simple but fun Animals on Parade: Swing like a Monkey, Splash under the Elephant's Trunk friend party last Saturday at a local park/splash ground.Some of Hudson's grandparents couldn't come on Saturday, so this worked out great for everyone...and I got to plan 2 parties! I know, I know...some of you may be cringing at the thought, but for me it was FUN!

I wanted to keep this party veeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy simple (hush, hush...I hear you snickering from way over here)...almost like a the park...with cake. I knew I wanted to focus on 3 simple things:

1. Animal Crackers. Hudson LOVES crackers. Asks for them at least 987,654,321 times/day.
2. "Swing like a Monkey". Because he is our very own monkey and to tie in the monkey bars at the park.3. "Splash under the Elephant's Trunk". Because Hudson LOVES animals and I LOVE the way he says "efant" for elephant.......and because it was just perfect to tie in the splash ground at the park! So here's the super simple cake & party favor table...told you it was simple ;) Perfect for the park because it was VERY windy...thank goodness for the breeze because even though we had the party at 10am, it was already close to 100 degrees! Hurry up with the sunblock mama, I'm ready to get this party started!! Right after we greeted our little Ella Kate here with my BFF was time to let the fun BEGIN!I decided to pass out the party favors right as the party started so that the kids could use them at the party. Last summer I found these cute recyclable bags at
Toys-R-Us and decided to buy a bunch of them. At $1, they were too cute to pass up! I knew they'd come in handy soon enough!I just wrote each child's name with a sharpie and stuffed them with a giant bubble wand and an inflatable beach ball. I put names on everything...even the wands, bubble trays, and beach balls just to make it easy on the parents.

I think they party favors were a hit. A gallon of miracle bubbles in a bucket...probably the best $3 I've ever spent!
Dip......and BLOW!Water + Bubbles = FUN!While the kiddos played, the mamas relaxed...HA!
Who am I kidding? This was a rare moment between chasing & wrangling kids and enduring the heat. But these are two of my dearest friends...we go waaaay back...we met in college and became the best of friends...we all worked at a gymnastics gym these girls! My dear friend Michelle who helps me brainstorm creative projects is on the left and my BFF Jammie is on the right who is the calmest and most down to earth person I've ever known. Good thing because she's a doctor and we need more good ones like her.....AND...... because she just shared some very exciting news with me and I'm just over the moon happy for her and her beau Xavier.

Seriously, is this not the cutest baby you've ever seen?????? Oh, baby Payton, you are just the sweetest little baby ever!
A whole new meaning to up, and uP, and UP!Even the grown-ups had time to play - love it!Practicing for the World's Strongest Man Competition... 2030 edition. This little guy was on the GO the WHOLE TIME!NOT happy to get called out of the splash zone for cake. Only the promise of juice could slow him down long enough for us to sing Happy hat. Double Boo!
He's going through a hat boycotting phase. Wouldn't even wear the cute fisherman's hat that matched his swimsuit. I had a feeling he wouldn't wear the party hat so I didn't even bother making him a coordinating Lulu & Co. birthday hat for this party...anyone want to be my official hat model? tee hee hee
Happy Birthday to you...
(see those 2 little fingers just dying to get in the cute!)
Happy Birthday dear Hudson, Happy Birthday to you!Make a wish...2 if you'd like......and BLOW! Yaaaay!
(I LOVE his puffed up cheeks!!)
Told you he was a monkey...even cake...on the GO!Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum!Forget the cake...forget the ice cream...this boy LOVES his animal crackers! Yay for boy toys!!! Thank you sweet friends for celebrating with Hudson and for the fun presents too!Dear Hudson,

You are getting to be such a BIG BOY these days! I can't believe we're about to change your nursery into a big boy room *sniff*
You are the sweetest, cuddliest little boy in the whole world (just slightly biased *wink*)...What a wonderful 2 years we've had with you! I thank God every day for the gift of being your mama.Can't wait to see where these little piggies will take you this next year...All our love always,
Mama, Daddy & Grace


Queen of Good Intentions said...

How ADORABLE!!! The book Animals on Parade is one of our favorites! My eldest even drew me a picture from the book for my office. LOVE LOVE LOVE how you brought it to life at the splash park! Genius!! Can tell Hudson is one super loved boy! Some how my girl managed to get 4 cakes with candles at 4 different places for turning 4 this year! Celebrating milestones is great to me! So glad you shared!

Kelli said...

I love park parties! The themes are endless. My daughter went to "beach ball" theme park party last year and it was so cute!

coolkids said...

awesome party once again!!! I love that Hudson and my son are the exact same age! My son turned two on Friday! We celebrated with a gold fish theme party at a beach/spray park! Too bad I didn't get many pics.:(

Teresa said...

Oh I love this post! Those little favour bags are absolutely perfect for your theme (what a great find!) - monkey bars, under the elephants trunk - love it all! Looks like everyone had so much fun too! I am also slightly jealous seeing all that summer fun - we are coming in to our winter here in Australia...brrr! Well done once again Jessica - you are a bit of a Mamma/party organising ledgend in my books!

Louley's Belles said...

Love the party favor bags. Those are cute. Did you do the handwriting yourself? Very impressive if so, looks like you ordered printed bags, it's so perfect.

ALM Chandler said...

Just found your blog - love it! My favorite are the favors bags. But I swear - I recognize that park, and I recognize you as well. I think our daughters may take ballet at same place? P&G?

Deborah said...

Just came across you blog and I'm really enjoying it, especially the picture collages. Do you have a photo program that helps you do them?

Lula Bee said...

Oh I just cannot believe the little man is so BIG!. He is just adorable!

Jessica said...

THANK YOU ladies for the super sweet comments!!

Teresa~ I'll send you some of our warm (read: HOT!) weather if you promise to send me a cool breeze or two ;)

Laura~ Yup, good 'ole sharpie and my handwriting! Those spirit sign making days sure come in handy, don't they? he he he

ALM~ Yes! P&G! Love it!!

Deborah~ I use Picasa, a free photo editing program from Google. Give it a try, it's super easy!

Mike & Melanie said...

you are the party mama guru!!
I just planned both my kids parties by
reading your blog!!THANK YOU for being sooooo creative and so talented!!

Jessica said...

Awww...thank you so much! I'm glad you were inspired by the ideas! :)

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