Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gymboree & Sea World!

We've sat out on the last couple of semesters of Gymboree Play & Music classes...but thinking of how hot the summer is around here, I knew it would be great to have a place the littles could run around and play that was air conditioned for when the temps hit 110°!We lucked out, there was an Art III for Grace and L5 Gym for Hudson at the same time! Gymboree has a great summer special (not sure if this is everywhere, but worth looking into) where you can take 3 classes per week, all summer long (June, July, August) for just $80 total! Once you're enrolled in classes, you're also able to go to as many play gyms (free play) as your little heart!Grace told me she was nervous to start a new class where she knew no one, "I'm going to be a little bit shy, you know." Sweet little pumpkin! Of course by the time her class was over she was all smiles.

Hudson couldn't wait to run, run, run and climb, climb, climb! He surprised me by naming all the shapes correctly and participating in quite a few of the group activities. Of course, he LOVED the bubbles at the end!Yay for a fun start to our Summer...see you next week...Noonie, the littles and I are Sea World bound for our annual Mother-Daughter-Grands trip!

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Nicole Marie said...

I miss Gymboree! Tell everyone that I said HI!!