Tuesday, June 14, 2011

San Antonio {MDG Trip 2011}

I think this marks the 19th year my mom & I have made our annual trip! After I had Grace it became known as our Mother/ Daughter/ Granddaughter trip and after I had Hudson it became the Mother/ Daughter/ Grands trip, our own little annual tradition.

Last year we went to Minneapolis (in May...with gorgeous weather) but this year we stayed close to home and decided to go to Sea World in San June...and it was HOTTTT!

Check out the shananigans going on while I packed...seems someone else loves my yellow wedges as much as I do ;)
Everything I packed, this little stinker unpacked - he thought it was the funniest little game...needless to say packing is NOT my favorite thing in the world. We split the trip and stayed in Dallas our first night. Dallas always means two things: shopping & Chipotle! HA! I ♥ Chipotle. Grace packed her own backpack full of treasures for this trip. I let her take anything she long as it fit in this backpack :) So cute to see what she considered her "essentials"...lots of little Princess activity books & stickers, a lemon meringue strawberry shortcake mini, her kitchen bell - HA! Finally made it to San Antonio! She was sooooooo excited! This little pumpkin loves staying at hotels for one thing...the elevator! She decides whether she likes a hotel or not based on how she feels about the elevator - silly little pumpkin! This one got an A+ rating :)Unfortunately, little brother did NOT like riding in the elevator. I'm talking death grip hold of my neck. After he realized that he could press the buttons, the elevator wasn't so scary anymore. So cute when he finally conquered his fear, he stepped off the elevator and said "I did it!" Sweet boy!

What he DID like was riding in the little shuttle and checking out the big seat belt {don't worry, he rode on my lap for the actual ride}.
Time for the Riverwalk! I love all the sights along the pretty!First restaurant on the Riverwalk...Casa del Rio. We even caught the beginning of a wedding ceremony. The bride looked so pretty...even in the 100+ degree weather!Saint Anthony, patron saint of the city...and according to our tour guide, patron saint of lost/missing children as well, a sweet sentiment. And check out this little family...My own little duckies - HA! By the time the ride was over the littles were HUNGRY...and just as we were deciding where to eat, we turned the corner and of course, they spotted this:Oh well, "eat dessert first" goes right along with VACATION!

The little pumpkin was so excited that the duck family had made its way over to where we were...
Lucky for her, the waitress feeding the ducks shared some bread with her so she could see these sweet little duckies up close and personal! So cute! More tomorrow on our Sea World adventure!!


Amber said...

Grace has great taste!! Love the yellow wedges too :) Are they new? iF so where can I find them :)

Ashley said...

Awwww how fun! I live near SA in New Braunfels and I love going into "town"! I just love all of your girls outfits ;)

Amber said...

PS...Reese saw this post and said...."OOooo yellow shoes" :) Love these girls!

Also, have I mentioned my addiction to Chipotle?? I went once a week with friends when I was in Cos. school. They finally opened one here a few months back. I think I need it weekly!!!

Jessica said...

How fun, Ashley! San Antonio is such a great city! My BFF went to medical school at UTHSC in SA and her inlaws live there as well so I know exactly where New Braunfels is! Small world! :)

Amber, the shoes are from Charming Charlie. I just got them on our recent trip to Memphis. They have turquoise ones, green ones, and black ones too! LOL about Chipotle. I think perhaps it's a good thing we don't have one nearby!!!

Ashleigh said...

Oh how I love Texas! We were in Austin at the same time you were in San Antonio. I DID NOT WANT TO COME HOME! Texas, my Texas. Glad yall had a blast!

Lindsey said...

Where did you get Grace's adorable backpack?

Jessica said...

Got it from this little etsy shop (I added the owl coinpurse later):

It's a bit narrow at the top so we couldn't use it for school (wouldn't fit her folder), but it's the perfect size for travel!