Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Introducing...Cookie Rooftop! {North Pole Breakfast 2011}

Exactly one year ago to the day, we had our very {first} North Pole Breakfast - it was a hit! The littles L*O*V*E*D it and were so excited about it we decided to make it an annual tradition to kick off the Christmas season.The North Pole Breakfast marks the debut of our
Elf on the Shelf little friends. This year, Super - Grace's elf - gained a middle special is that??! Yes, he is now Super Belly!Here's the letter Super Belly left Grace...AND, this year Super Belly brought with him a little sidekick. Yes, please let me introduce you to
Cookie Rooftop - Hudson's elf! he he heCookie is a vintage elf. He was first spotted out & about near Minneapolis a few months's his story:As soon as Hudson saw him, he grabbed him! Oops!
{elf on the shelf tradition says "hands off the elves"}......but since this was Cookie's first time in our home, it was okay and he's now been officially welcomed to our family - Southern style, you know "let me hug your neck" and kisses for everyone.Hudson has the funniest names for his cuddly friends...yes, we even have a Shampoo, the Panda Bear that sleeps with him every when I asked him what he wanted to name him, he took one look down at his plate and mumbled through his little Peppermint Oreo & Candy Cane Kisses stuffed mouth, and said "Cookie"!
More on his middle name in a bit...But let me back up for a second. This is why the North Pole Breakfast is worth the effort, check out these precious little faces just waiting to check things out...
{and please ignore the elephant trunk pj sleeves}Oh my, I just love those two littles to pieces. Seeing life through their innocent eyes has got to be one of the most precious gifts motherhood brings.

Seeing the table for the first time...
Mama, Super Belly MADE this breakfast for us!!!
Hmmm...o-kay.Grace pumpkin, I think that---
But ma-ma, it says so right here. He came from the North Pole and... know, Grace, I think Super Belly did help with the breakfast afterall. *wink*Our fun & festive North Pole table...
...and of course the SWEETS! Sorry, but the North Pole is not exactly known for its "healthy fare", rather visions of sugarplums swirl all around...Super Belly and Cookie Rooftop left the littles some presents...Socks to keep those tootsies warm...everyone knows socks are signature gifts in the North Pole. And this year's ornaments...a lion for my sweet, lion-obsessed Hudson and a sparkly cinderella carriage for my pink-lovin', girly girl little pumpkin......and some cute books for our 25 days of Christmas books marathon...Fox and the Snowflake Christmas for Hudson and Lalaloopsy Party Time for Grace {no, not a Christmas title but a sweet story about appreciating everyone's special talents}.Please tell me your littles are the same way...always checking out what the other is getting??!And here's how Cookie got his middle name..."It's Rooftop (rudolph), Mama!! I lot (love) Rooftop." So Cookie Rooftop it is. Oh, how I love this sweet little boy!By now little bellies were hungry...let the sugar fest begin!A north pole tradition...Snow-covered Donuts stacked up high...Peppermint Kisses straight from the jolly old fella himself...Tiny Snow balls from the elves' friendly snow fights......perfect for Floating Glacier Snowman Soup (hot cocoa with marshmallows)Candy Cane Milkshakes
I had no idea candy canes would do this to milk, but what a fun surprise and right before the littles' very eyes! The North Pole is very magical, you know. *wink*
Mini replicas of the Steps that lead to Santa's workshop...And a new one this year, courtesy of Cookie Rooftop himself...Santa's favorite snack...Gingerbread Man Cupcakes!{Yes - run, run as fast as you can because this recipe - French Toast muffins {found here} is soooo yummy! Serve warm for even more yumminess}

And speaking of the jolly old fella, check out what else Super Belly & Cookie Rooftop brought the littles...St. Nick & Mrs. Claus truffle pops!!
North Pole Breakfast 2011 at its best...And with that, our North Pole Breakfast 2011 was a wrap!
{if you do your own version of the NPB, be sure to leave me a comment - I'd love to check it out!}
Dear Grace & Hudson,
I hope when you're all grown up one day, you'll look back on our family's quirky traditions and they will warm your heart
May you always remain this close...Love you with all my heart,

Santa & Mrs. Claus truffle pops: purchased at a local gift shop
North Pole gift pails & tags, kids' plates, striped plates, candy cane placemats, paper napkins, gingerbread house boxes, snowman treat bags, and tier serving plate: Walmart! {I know!}
North Pole sign frame and scrapbook paper: Hobby Lobby
Santa cupcake toppers: Hobby Lobby
Snowman tray & penguin plates: Target {a couple of years ago}
Milk bottles:
frappucino 4-pack to go from Target!



Louley's Belles said...

Can I put on my Christmas pjs and come live at your happy house! Man you are a super mom!!!

Heather L. said...

So cute, Jessica! Love every little detail! I bet Grace and Hudson were SO happy!

TaDa! Creations said...

Oh how fun! Love the "Rooftop" for Rudolph. And those Mr and Mrs Claus pops are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

omg you are just amazing!!!

Karinny said...

Love it! I will start this tradition next year, my baby is only 4 months. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

... said...

I adore you!!!
Our North Pole breakfast was postponed...and will be this weekend. Can't wait...

However, I must ask where you got the little tin buckets and matching stuff...because it will be perfect for the Gingerbread thing I am having in a few weeks... Thanks!!!

tammymp said...

Love your NPB idea. I'm going to be doing this with my son and any future little ones that may come.

Where did you find your bottle brush trees?

Carrie said...

Wow! You even have a separate dessert table! Love everything, you put so much work into making such a special breakfast for your kids.

Carrie said...

Also, that Vintage elf is so neat! I want one!

Kelly said...

So cute! I love all the special touches.
Little Wonders' Days

Jenn said...

we had our north pole breakfast the weekend before thanksgiving and loved it! it was almost as fun as christmas morning! the kids just loved it. thanks so much for the idea! i can't wait to do it again next year :)

Jenn said...

oops...i forgot....

Kelli said...

So cute!

Jennifer said...

You are tremendously creative! I love the ideas. I can't wait to borrow these next year for our first NPB!

Lindsey said...

What a fun morning!!! Great ideas, Jessica!

Jessica said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments!!! I love that so many of you have done your very own NPB's with your littles - so fun!

Tammy~ I found the bottle brush trees at a local gift shop many years ago. They are not really vintage - I don't think anyway - I think they're just reproductions of the original bottle brush trees.

Jessica said...

Oh, and I've added the resources to the main post to make it easier, but most everything came from WALMART this year!! Can you believe it?? They actually had cute stuff! Very inexpensive too - yay!

Teresa said...

You've done it again - what a beautiful job you did again this year! Love it all, right down to the red and green Christmas themed pj's - so cute.

Leapfrog and Ladybugs said...

We enjoyed our North Pole Breakfast this morning... Thank you for sharing your amazing idea!

Stacie said...

Oh my goodness... that is too cute! Thanks for sharing! I must do that with my twins next year! Your blog is great!

Tiffany said...

Wonderful Idea!! Do you mind me asking where you got the adorable pajamas?

Heidi Boos said...

It's official...only 2 blog posts into your blog and I'm in LOVE!! Already what I see is fabulous...this year's North Pole Breakfast and last year's too. You have gotten yourself a new follower! ;)

P.S. I found your blog through that addiction! :)

Amy said...

Here is our version. My son loved it! I am so happy that I found your blog with this idea! Thank you!!

Caroline said...

Our elf is on the way and should be here next week for the first time ever! I am definitely going to use your idea to introduce him/her! I can't wait! PS - LOVE your blog:)

mrspiz said...

So cute! I might just have to steal some of your ideas!!! :)

Erin W said...

So so fun! I love your ideas! We too are having our North Pole Breakfast tomorrow. I'll be sure and post about it and let you know. I'd love to share our photos with you.

Joy said...

Absolutely adorable!! We did a breakfast this year too- my kids loved it, thanks for the great idea!!

Erin W said...

OK... Here's our first annual NPB!

Amy W. said...

I came across your 2010 NPB on Pinterest and I *loved* the idea! So cute! It's definitely going to be something that we do each year!

Here are our photos:

Unknown said...

It's almost Christmas so it's a bit late for me to do this THIS year, but I am DEFINITELY doing this next year! Thanks so much for the idea! <3

Kelly said...

I LOVE this! Your blog is awesome :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. I'm going to adapt some of your ideas for our Christmas morning breakfast! Can't wait! Next year may just need to bring back our elf on the shelf with a North Pole breakfast!

samone said...

love this! so many ideas! thanks for sharing and may you have a wonderful Christmas with your family x.

Letia said...

Fabulous fun! Since I just stumbled across this idea, we are going to have the North Pole breakfast on the 24th as a parting party for our elves. Thanks for the ideas.

Kristen said...

You are amazing and such an inspiration! I hope to have a NPB that's as special as yours are! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! You deserve a huge pat on the back for being such a wonderful mama!

Kristen said...

You are amazing and such an inspiration! I hope to have a NPB that's as special as yours! Your blod brought a tear to my eye. You deserve a huge pat on the back for being such a wonderful mama!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and am in LOVE!! You are an amazing mommy. It is evident that you put a lot of love and attention into your babies' lives. They are so blessed to have such a loving mama. You have given me so many ideas for my own family. Christmas is right around the corner, as of this moment right now because of your blog, I am planning our very own little North Pole Breakfast! Thanks for sharing!

elaine said...

Thanks for the ideas! Can't wait to use/steal some of them for our own breakfasts. We are starting our elf tradition this year.

mhowa3 said...

Whee did you get the Cinderella carriage ornament?

Jessica said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments!!

The cinderella carriage ornament came from Hobby Lobby!

The pajamas were purchased via the facebook smocked pages! Smocked Auctions, etc.

The 4-Crows Blog said...

I have the same vintage elf! I love what you do. Fun! I do a link up each year on my blog.

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DSHE is published the All Subject Class 10 Assignment Answer 2022 for all week on
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