Monday, February 6, 2012

oreos better watch out!

So thankful for moments like these...He's a dunker, that's for sure!We share a love for glitter...Even 2 1/2 years in, I'm still in awe of how different little boys and little girls play {and I love it!}...Forget the expensive toys and gadgets, all we need is a $2 bag of dinos!We've been working in some fun "school" sessions too...
{oh, and the yellow vest.......yeah, some battles are not worth fighting}
This little boy keeps me in stitches! One of his favorite books right now is about opposites. We've been talking a lot about "big" and "little" and I think it's sinking in. Just yesterday he came to me and out of the blue said, "I know what Tiki Tiki (our tiny fish) is going to be for Halloween...a shark!" he he you, Hudson!

And if there was any doubt in my mind about the little pumpkin's birthday theme, this just sealed the deal!
HA HA HA!It may not be 100 cats, but I think she'll love it all the same. *wink*And guess what she wore to school this morning...Funny how a pair of sparkly shoes makes my I-don't-want-to-wear-jeans-pants-are-for-boys girly girl put on a pair of denim ruffles with speed to rival any Olympic sport.

When I picked her up she told me Mrs. A {the P.E. teacher} took a close look at them this morning and said, "Hmmm...okay, those are okay" {they're supposed to wear athletic shoes on P.E. days}. Grace's response, "They made me go extra fast, mama, they really did! I HAVE to wear them every P.E. day!"

Almost 5 and 2 1/2....................such fun ages!



Caroline said...

I love those vintage glasses where did you find them?

Jessica said...

Hi, Caroline,

They are from Pottery Barn Kids!!

Sold in sets of 4 online or individually if you buy them at a PBK store ;)

Caroline said...

awesome thank you!

Tiffany & Brittany said...

Hi-- I just found your super cute blog and I've read almost every post! Too cute! I love the vintage cards and graphics you use-- now following you! :)

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