Tuesday, February 14, 2012

xoxo, hudson {and a little Target plug!}

Hudson took these cute valentines to his teachers. We thought they deserved a little pampering. Have you smelled the new (at least I think it's new) Pink Chiffon lotion from Bath & Body Works??? Mmmmm...smells wonderful!Here he is with Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Patti...definitely not too thrilled to stop putting together puzzles to pose for a pic. Giving Mrs. Cheryl, the Director, her little valentine...yes, he was too excited to go play with his buddies to pose for a good pic...and the lighting inide the little schoolhouse: t e r r i b l e!His teachers said he had fun passing out his {valentine bots} to his friends. They didn't really have a party but more of a fun snack and then took turns giving out their valentines.

Later when he got home, Mimi had some fun valentine treats for the littles. Here's Hudson checking out all his goodies...
Wondering about that single serving of Tostitos dip? Yes, queso is one of Hudson's love languages. His two favorite foods are probably mac-n-cheese and chips-n-dip, totally healthy, eh?Yay for puzzles!!Nay on smiling. Silly boy! And completely unrelated, but check out the {cute dress} I stumbled upon at Target yesterday!! Yes, totally groovy in a 70s kind of way. So cute with the Matilda Jane Sprites and my favorite pair of Livie & Luca shoes EVER.Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!!

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Unknown said...

I love that dress!!! I bought it for my daughter the other day:), I am in love with the print!!!