Tuesday, May 15, 2012

because June birthdays deserve a little school celebration too...

First things first, how about a sweet pic of our almost three year old little boy in all his candle-blowing still my heart.
Oh, how I love this little boy!
He was set on "astronaut" for his school birthday celebration for the longest time.  I had the cutest spaceship cake in mind.  That is until last Friday when he suddenly switched to Disney Cars and would have nothing to do with astronaut. Ugh!
But I'm learning to just roll with it, so Cars it was.
Cars cupcake cake.
Cars plates.
Cars napkins.
Cars, Cars, Cars.
{I know, I know, I can't believe it either}
But just look how he's studying his Cars cake for the first time!
I just had to!
But I had to draw the line at "Cars t-shirt"
I tried. 
I really did. 
But they were so ugly with their puffy paint-like designs 
{sorry if I offend anyone}. 
I just couldn't do it. 

So Friday night I appliqued a little car shirt for him and finished hand-stitching it, oh, about 2am this morning.  My single, desperate attempt at preserving some sort of homemade feel to the whole reconcile my mama heart that I was getting to make, not buy, something for my baby boy who is growing up much too fast.
He pointed to his shirt and said, "This car is my two favorite and blue. I love it!" I know, I know, just a simple observation to most. I know he'll forget the shirt and I know there will be many more commercialized birthdays to come. But what I hope he remembers is this...I hope he remembers that his mama embraced the way God made her and used that to do little things to make his day special.
And special it was.  Full of sticky blue buttercream smiles and "yum, yum, yums".
And adorable little friends...
And Mimi who was in town and able to stop by...
And in the end our soon-to-be three year old felt special on his un-birthday birthday.
And that's what it's all about.
Cars theme and all ;)

Happy almost birthday, Hudson!!
{just 5 more weeks!}


Ashley said...

so so so cute! I love the little car shirt! I agree with you on the commercialized theme stuff. I love handmade! I had to cave this year with a princess party...but it was a lot of fun!!

amandapreece said... I super dislike commercialized theme shirts, too! ICK! LOVE that you were able to stay yourself and give your boy what he wanted:) LOVE your blog, too! :)

Virginia said...

Happy almost-birthday, my dear Hudson! I'm glad that you had a fun party at school.
Noonie loves you LOTS!!!!

Lindsey said...

Happy almost birthday, Hudson!

I know what you mean... I can't handle the character clothing..but when my boy looks at it like he is going to burst..I cave in!!!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

I am totally stealing your words-"I hope he remembers that his mama embraced the way God made her and used that to do little things to make his day special."- My friends and family are constantly "making fun" of my attempts to make every thing "special". I am always trying to explain how much I love it and how quickly the littles will be bigs. I love seeing I am not alone and reminded that is how God made me! It is great knowing there is another who understands a creative mama heart. Thanks for sharing!!

Ashleigh said...

OMG! The shirt turned out ADORABLE!

Jessica said...

You are definitely not alone!! I love how you said "how quickly the littles will be bigs" because it is so, so true {boo hoo}. ((Hugs))

Thanks for the vote of confidence ladies!!