Thursday, December 10, 2009

meet "Super", our elf

Given some characteristic 2 year old behavior (moms - you know what I'm talking about), we didn't get a chance to break out the elf this past weekend like we had hoped. But that's okay, last night was the perfect night for our little friend to make his debut.

Grace was so intrigued by his "mermaid" legs and didn't quite know what to make of them. Is it me, or does that page look like an upside down turkey? Hmmm...must go back and re-read the story of the elf! And sorry about the bad lighting and blurry photos - it was late and we were all tired!

There, that book page looks better. We got to name our elf and Grace quickly came up with "Super", so meet Super, our Elf on the Shelf. I do like that the book has a page where you can record the date you started this tradition and the name you gave the elf :) One last hug and then we had to find a spot for Super on his very first night at our home. By the way, this elf sure does have some strict rules like "no touching the elf" and what not. I'm not sure we'll be able to stick to all these rules.

Selecting just where to perch Super was quite the event. Grace didn't understand why Super couldn't just lie in bed with her and all her other doll friends. Lots, and I mean lots, of places were considered. Finally, Super found a cozy spot on the floor right next to Grace's bed. He is a little spooky, isn't he? ;O And then this morning... Did you spot him? He's right up there above Grace's stocking!

And this little picture just because it was my pumpkin's first time to wear black patent leather shoes!! She spotted these shoes at Target on a recent trip and begged to try on the "beAUtiFUL shiny ballerina shoes". I must say they're quite cute with her little scottie dog tights :) Another out of focus/bad lighting shot - oh, well that's what I get for trying to snap pictures when we're late for school!

This morning I asked Grace how come the elf's name was "Super". Matter of factly she told me, "That's just his name, Mama. He's Super Elf. And he flies through the sky just like Hudson." And then I got it. I'm always scooping up Hudson and "flying" him through the air singing a silly song I made up for him...He's flying through the sky, he's gonna get's Suuuuuuppppppeeeerrrrr Hudson! Cheesy, I know but anything for those sweet smiles :)


TaDa! Creations said...

So cute! And that scottie dress is just adorable on her.

Jessica said...

Thanks! It finally fits her right this year :)