Wednesday, July 14, 2010

smashburger & stick figures

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the soft opening for a new franchise location of Denver-based smash burger and it was WONDERFUL! yum, yum, yum! I had the BBQ bacon & cheese burger and it was delish! Lance had the Make Your Own burger and Grace & Hudson shared the chicken strips - everything was fab! {...getting hungry as I type this} I was impressed by how well run the restaurant was even thought it was super busy with folks excited to try out the food for the first time. We were able to get our food super quick (so important with little ones!) and had EXCELLENT service. We'll definitely be visiting again! If there's a location near you, go try it out! And while we were driving to the restaurant, the little pumpkin drew her very first stick figure!!!! Oh my goodness, I love this little drawing so much! When she showed it to me I couldn't believe how sweet the little peanut-shaped figure was. I asked her, "I LOVE that little person you drew!!! Is it a boy or a girl?" to which she quickly replied matter-of-fact, "It's not a person, mama - it's a robot. A boy robot." I stand corrected :) This one's going in a frame for sure!
I just big puffy that robot!!!!!!


Unknown said...

What a cute blog! I'm looking forward to following all your adventures with cute little Grace and Hudson!

Melissa said...

that is the cutest stick boy robot I have ever seen! Too cute!!!

Amber said...

LOVE the robot :)

Jessica said...


Melissa~ what a fun intro on your profile! We have a lot in common!! Do you have a blog? I would love to check it out. And by the way, are your wee ones twins??? I hope I got that right! Love Brynlee's name by the way :)

Amber~ I'm crazy about that robot!! I must have made a really big deal out of it b/c now all she'll draw for me are robots, LOL!