Sunday, July 4, 2010

the yummiest cupcakes ever!

Blog hopping one day I stumbled upon Ashley's fun blog Sugar & Spice Mommy (her kiddos are TOO CUTE!) and that's where I found this fabulous recipe:

CooKiE DouGH CuPcaKEs

Go check it out. Oh my! Your taste buds will thank me...your waistine, not so much.

So today we decided to make some patriotic cupcakes using this scrumptious recipe and they turned out so cute! Check out Ashley's recipe for step by step instructions, but in short here's what we did:

Step 1
Pick out some cute cupcake liners - isn't that the funnest part???? Step 2
Prepare your cupcakes as usual and then squish some cookie dough in the batter. We used Nestle Tollhouse caramel-filled chocolate chip cookies - DELISH! Since the package makes 12 HUGE cookies, I cut each one in half and then rolled into a little ball before letting the little pumpkin put them in the cupcakes.

Step 3
Frost as usual and then sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle to your heart's desire. I have to show off one of my favorite vintage finds of all time - this fun airplane kid's plate!!!! I found it in a little shop in Natchez, MS when I was pregnant with Hudson and I can't wait to serve him dinner in it someday soon! Step 4
Add some cute cupcake toppers and you're done! Step 5
Admire & enjoy your ooey gooey creations, preferably with a tall glass of ice cold milk :) Hmmm...I could have sworn we made 24 cupcakes but all of a sudden there's only 22????

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Ashley said...

Oh you made these look sooo yummy! And your little helper looks so cute too!! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!