Thursday, July 29, 2010

weinie dogs {sewing}

When I found this fun fabric at Hancock's on a recent shopping trip, I knew it was destined to become something fun for the little pumpkin. As soon as she saw it she couldn't stop giggling and kept saying "pink doggies are SOOOOOOOO funny...he, he, he". Silly girlie.

So last night after the littles were in bed, I headed to Noonie's for a little sewing supervision :)...yes, I sewed this one myself so don't look too closely, okay? I sewed everything except the ric rac trim. Ric rac and I are...hmmm, how should I put this...we're still in the dating stage. You know where you can't get enough of each other but you're still trying to figure each other out and you're not quite sure if you should hold hands...anyhow you get the picture - I can't sew a straight line in between those ric rac waves to save my life!

Like I said, silliness was THE word of the day. But aren't those shoes cute?????
And I need your help! I'm not quite finished with the dress. You see at midnight, Noonie KICKED.ME.OUT. Just kidding...
love you Noonie! But it WAS late so I headed home - thank goodness she's only 5 minutes away!

I still need to add a large yo-yo with a fun brown button in the middle of it to the bodice of the dress. So.....where should I add it???? Perfect or not, the little pumpkin told me she "loved her bea-u-ti-ful dress" this morning so I'm happy with this fun little play dress. Next up...a fun little back to school jon jon for Hudson in this fabric: A new project for us, so we'll see how it turns out!


Amber said...

It turned out so cute!!! I think I would put the yo-yo at the top but either would look great! Love the shoes :)

Anonymous said...

How adorable, love the fabric. I purchased some cute fabric this week to try my hand at these dresses. I'm with Amber, I think the top would look good for the yo yo. Did you jazz up those shoes, or by them that way? They are oh so cute :)

Spears said...

love it! (Dress and the shoes :) I think the yo-yo will totally complete the look. my vote is at the top

Anonymous said...

Jessica, is there a tutorial or pattern that you used to make the dresses. I really want to try one. Thanks :)

Mendy said...

I agree with the top too! Love the dress and the fabric. I love the fabric for Hudson too! Do you have a specific pattern you use for the jon jon? They are adorable!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the yo-yo suggestions!!

Okay, some answers to your questions...

The shoes are Bear Feet Shoes.

Bear Feet are a bit $$$ in my opinion but super comfy! They are cut a bit low on the back (the way they wrap around child's heel) so watch out for that depending on your child's foot. When Grace was little she had a hard time keeping these on her feet, but now they seem okay.

Jon Jon Patterns...

McCall's 4756 (square neck) and
McCall's 2033 (round neck)
I have both both haven't tried either - will soon and I'll let you guys know all about it!

If you prefer "boutique-y" patterns, I've heard Children's Corner patterns are easy and run true to size.

The Johnny Pattern #260 and
The William & Winnie Pattern #274 look cute.

Here's the link:

T-shirt Dress...

I didn't use a pattern, just decided how long I wanted the dress to be (shoulder to hem) and where I wanted to cut the t-shirt (empire waist). I then cut my fabric to the desired length (total dress length minus cut t-shirt length = fabric length), ADDING about 2 inches for seam allowances. For the width of the fabric I used 2x to 2.5x the width of the shirt to give it a nice gathered appearance. Then just serged the skirt fabric to form the skirt (one long vertical seam). For the skirt hem, just a standard hem, and trim as desired (I added ric rac peeking out from underneath). I gathered the top of the skirt on my machine by using a gathering stitch and then gently pulling the thread to my desired width (shirt width), evenly distributing the gathers along the way. Pinned it to the shirt with the vertical skirt seam running along the side, not the back, to hide it better (think underarm going down), baste stitched (not necessary but then again I'm a beginner!), and then serged the tee and the skirt together. I like a clean, finished look so I then top stitched all around where the shirt meets the skirt. And that's it! Super Easy!! Took me about 2 hrs. start to finish AND I'm a beginner!

Totally confused? Check out these 2 patterns:

or this free tutorial I just googled:

Happy Sewing! :)

ADA said...

I would have said in the middle! What do I know ab girls? nothing! But I did know that those were bear feet shoes! ( i was co-owner of tiptoe couture for a brief stint).

Heather L. said...

I'm going against the grain and saying you should put the yo-yo at the waist - I think her hair might cover it at the top. It will be cute either place for sure!

Jessica said...

Amanda~ I had NO idea you had been part of tip toe!! Learn something new everyday! :)

Heather~ He He He, I've decided to go ahead and put the adornment at waist level, well empire waist anyway. I'm making it bigger and it just looked like too much at the top.