Monday, July 19, 2010

4 scoops

in the works...2011! Source: Michael Miller Fabrics


Heather L. said... this Grace's next birthday party theme? Or something else? I was just looking at a dress on Etsy with this print last night (which Emily quickly vetoed - boo!).

Kris said...

Love Michael Miller fabrics!!

Jessica said...

He He He...not sure if it will be Grace's birthday theme or just a little ice cream social but I've been collecting ice cream party stuff for a while (a fun mix of vintage and new) and have some really sweet ideas to put it together. Can't wait! :)

Oh and I've seen some super cute dresses with that fabric on etsy too! Too bad Miss Emily is too "grown up" to sport such cuteness, LOL! Girls - love 'em!

Amber said...

Too funny!! I was just thinking that a Sundae party would be so fun for Reese's next bday...even though I just got finished with her 2nd :) I am loving this fabric!!!![]=tags&includes[]=title

susanmw1 said...

I saw an ice cream game on clearance at target today

Jessica said...

Ooooooh, Susan!!! What kind of game was it??? I need details! I'm on the hunt... :)