Thursday, July 1, 2010

Veggie Camp VBS

At the last minute last week we decided to enroll Grace in a little 3-day Vacation Bible School hosted by another local church that has great activities for kids and youth. It was just for 3-5 year olds and so we thought the little pumpkin might enjoy trying out something new.

It seems this has been the summer of "trying out new things" for the little pumpkin... swimming...ballet...VBS... my little girl is growing up! *sniff*

Here she is on Tuesday (Day 1) watching Veggie Tales waiting for the activities to begin. The kiddos were divided into 4 groups and she was in the Twix group. Acting so silly! When I picked her up that first day she was SO EXCITED! She was dancing and jumping up and down and showing me the artwork and said to me, "Mama, I had the BEST time ever! It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!" Just exactly what you want to hear when you let your baby try out something new for the first time!

When we got home, she couldn't wait to tell Mimi all about it. She was one excited ball of energy! Here she is showing me the necklace she made. By Day 2, she was a seasoned pro! She knew where her group was and wasted no time settling in to the fun activities. I just love the high school kids that volunteered to help with the little ones. It's so nice to see youth taking an active role in church. I snuck in early today to see their activities but it wasn't long before she spotted me and came running toward me calling "Mommmmmmyyyyy". So sweet! You know before you become a mom you have no idea what those little moments will mean. They just fill up a mama's heart like nothing else can. Motherhood - I highly recommend it!

Today's lesson was on serving others so they had them wash each other's hands (you can imagine the giggles!), learn to carry a tray of food (with canned goods going to the local food pantry), and think about doing nice things for others. At the end, Mrs. Billie, the director, had a special treat for the littles - SNOW CONES! They were so excited!! Grace had the best time at Veggie Camp VBS! I can't wait for next year!! This will be one activity we'll definitely do again!

And because I hadn't been able to get some good pictures of her in the outfit Noonie made her, I tood advantage of her "sugar-high" to get a couple of silly pics outside.

This is YUMMY! Pucker up! Such silliness! As we were leaving today, her group leaders told me she was quite "animated". She volunteered to dance and sing for the group during their breaks. Do I have a little class clown on my hands? Oh my! :)


Kris said...

My kids used to love VBS!! What a cute outfit that Noonie made! And what are pop its??? How did I miss all of your last posts? The ballet die for cute. Can't wait to see that post soon!!!

Amber said...

VBS is always sooo much fun!!! I was always involve in VBS since my dad was the pastor and volunteered me :)

Love Grace's outfit made by cute(I use the Pink Fig pattern as well and love it). But the blue tongue is even better :)

Motherhood IS the best!!!

Virginia said...

I'm glad you are enjoying being a Mom to Grace and Hudson as much as I enjoy being a Mom to you.
Treasure all those sweet little moments. They will stay in your heart forever... I know!!!

PS: And wait until you become a Grandmother: those moments are still sweeter... like when out of the blue, Grace tells me: "You know what Noonie? I looove you!"
Or as in this past week when I got to your house, opened the front door and Hudson spotted me, grinned and went: "Noo-noo, Noo-noo, Noo-noo!" Oh what blessings!