Wednesday, July 21, 2010

easy, breezy, beautiful...{tutorial}

...covergirl! Such a catchy slogan don't you think?

I've got some fun eye candy for you today! he, he, he

What do you get when you mix a $4 Target tee, some Heather Bailey fabric, and some bright colored notions... ...then add a 2-hour window of opportunity and a doting grandma?????

Why this, of course! A super comfy, breezy T-dress that most definitely passes the
all-important twirl test.

{Thanks for the tips, Amber!} And you're wondering about that girly wreath, huh? I think it turned out so cute!! I just put it together last night and tweaked it a bit from my original plan. Best part? It was a super easy $4.50 project!!!

It's part of the little pumpkin's back to school bash, the Pink PreK Party, coming next month. {Side note - When I went to take pictures this morning, I couldn't believe how perfectly it matched the dress Noonie made her! Maybe there really is some truth to your go-to color palette! Hmmm...If so, mine definitely contains some pink + aqua (red too!)}

Want to make one???
My inspiration was this fabulous butterfly wreath tutorial by the talented Taylor of Mary Janes & Galoshes. I tweaked it a bit to make my wreath.

Here's what I used:
- One styrofoam wreath from the dollar store ($1.00)
- One 16-sheet packet of pink tissue paper from Walmart ($1.50)
- Glitter chipboard letters - already had these on hand but I bought them at H.Lobby with a 40% coupon some time back ($2.00)
- Scraps of scrapbook paper
- Glue gun

I originally wanted to use paper bags like Taylor's tutorial called for, but in pink. When I went to get some at Michael's I noticed they were white on the inside and I didn't want a lot of white in my wreath so I ended up using pink tissue paper.

Note: neither my scallop punch nor my circle punch did well punching out tissue paper bundles so I just cut the tissue paper into long strips each about 2.5" wide, then cut again to make 2.5" squares and just rounded out the corners. Nothing fancy. Just some imperfect circles.

I then pinched them with my fingers to make the shape and hot glued them to the wreath. That's it. Super easy!

I made the butterflies from the template provided in Taylor's tutorial and added bits of the chipboard letters to make the butterflies' "bodies" pop.

Love how the wreath turned out and I can't wait to show you how I'm using it for the Pink PreK Party! Hmmm....I'm even thinking it might make a cute back-to-school gift for Grace's teacher! Have fun!


Nicole Marie said...

This is going to sound totally weird but, I am going to make this for Juju's first day of of course it will be in all blue :) I'll let u know how it came out

coolkids said...

love the dress! You are so darn creative! Love the wreath. Can't wait to see the party!

Taylor said...

Your wreath turned out so cute! Love the pink. Thanks for the link.

A Blissful Nest said...

LOVE the wreath- those are the colors of my daughters party and it is with butterflys. Adorable dress too!

Spears said...

love the dress, and the wreath! I think I'm going to have to try the wreath for Grace's princess b-day party...hope mine turns out as cute as yours!

Amber said...

It turned out so adorable!!! I have a feeling that Reese will have alot of these in her fall wardrobe :) They are so easy, adorable and cheap!!! I have a few planned (as you know) and will probably add more to the list...hehe...

Love the icecream shoes....they are one of Reese's favorite shoes. They look so cute with this dress.

The wreath is adorable too!! Can't wait for another great party by Jessica!!! Now to get that dress started :)

Lindsey said...

You do the cutest stuff! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you and your mother are so talented! Adorable dress :)

Leanne Helums said...

That is just TOO TOO CUTE!!! YOu always have the best and cutest ideas.

Tasha Horsley said...

goodness! the dress and the wreath are too cute! so very creative!

i can't wait to see this pre-k party! :)

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