Tuesday, August 31, 2010

M is for Mouse...

...marshmallows, monkey, and macaroni too!

So I'm guessing at some point it will get old for me but for now I'm relishing all these cute thematic units the little pumpkin has been learning at school. This week is all about Families...and the letter M. Thus far she's made macaroni art, played matching games, created Marvin the Movable Monkey, made marshmallow treats, read about a mouse, practiced good manners, and received marvelous marks on her in-class worksheets...and it's only Tuesday!

Now, about that monkey...It might be hard to tell from that picture but Grace just wasn't liking the idea of a boy monkey. Nope, hers had to be a girl monkey,
"Marvina", according to her sweet teacher. Can you see the frilly eyelashes she added to make sure everyone knew hers was a girl monkey???

And then the chucks...did you see those new pink chucks she's sporting?? Yes, P.E. shoes! After spending over an hour at the Stride Rite store and walking out empty handed we just went back to our old faithful and got the pink converse in a size up.

When I went to pick her up today Mrs. Bryan came out to talk to me. No lie, I was nervous. But all she wanted to tell me was that Grace keeps them laughing all day long every day. According to Mrs. Bryan as P.E. was wrapping up for the day, they did the Mickey Mouse dance (told you...M all the way), and the P.E. teacher told them something along the line of "that's all for today" to which Grace replied "Are you sure?" Oh my, I was so embarassed. But they just got tickled at her expressions. We better get to working some more on those manners!

Yay for "Marvelous" on these worksheets! And if we're going to have a mouse in the house then it better be this kind... She was so tickled at this little treat she brought home yesterday. Mmmm...cheese balls! I don't think she's ever had these before...cheetos - yes...these, not sure. But she LOVED them. Told me cheese made her happy. Ay! The little treat came with this cute note:

This bag holds a tasty treat.
Something that mice love to eat.
Open the bag, if you please.
Mice aren't the only ones that like cheese!

Which got me thinking...a little twist on that little poem would be so cute for halloween treats, especially when packaged in these cute bags! Love these pink & orange owls by wants & wishes! Find them HERE.

They even come in boy colors! See HERE. What would be a fun treat to put in these bags???
My mind is spinning with halloween ideas...I'm thinking about a Pumpkin Paintin' Party...hmmm. Better run!


Kris said...

Hi Jessica. I just went back and found that you answered my question about the hats. I want to order 2 of them. But I want to find out what colors and all that my daughter will be doing for my granddaughters birthdays. The girls birthdays are not until November. How far in advance do you need to know the particulars?

Cori said...

Love the chucks! A girl after my own heart. Millie loves hers. She'll be sporting red ones for the walk. And those owlie treat bags! Millie wants an owl birthday party. So far all I can come up with is a "Night Owl" theme -- pjs and possibly a movie at the Robinson. We'll see. Trying to work a TAD earlier than Abe's party!

Louley's Belles said...

Such a cute post! I don't think you will get tired of the themes. I have been doing the them thing for 10 years now and I m not tired of it yet. Could use you though for the originality card. You always come up with the cutest stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Amber said...

Grace looks like she is having sooo much fun at Pre-K. I am helping out in the 3 YO preschool at work and keeo thinking about how much fun Reese is going to have next year!
Love the owl treat bags!! Candy Corn is always a fall favorite here (espcially the Indian corn!) I have been wanting to get Reese a pair of red and a pair of pink chucks!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

Oh my!! I love to read what is going on with school. You must have the best school ever!! I am so impressed. I also love seeing what we have in common. My daughter gave out the same owl treat sacks last year- really she did. I found the idea at two peas in a bucket and made them. I attached a note that said. Owl not be tricked by the darkness. Jesus is the light of the world owl-la-hoo-ya Please keep the good ideas coming! I LOVE THEM!

Jessica said...

Hi, Kris~ I'd be happy to make some for your sweet grands! About a month lead time would be great. That way I can get the fabric you want if I don't have it in stock.

Cori~ A Night Owl party with pj's at the Robinson would be SO.MUCH.FUN!!! And whether last minute or not, Abe's party was a BLAST!!! I have to fight Grace not to wear her cape to bed!

Laura~ Thanks so much!!!

Amber~ We love candy corn around here! Is the Indian Corn the one that is darker, like with brown??

Thanks, Andrea! I love the fun message you added to yours!!

Amber said...

Yes the Indian corn is the one with the brown on bottom (chocoalte...yum) I just love fall...sigh...if only it lasted longer and wasn't followed by SNOW!!!

TaDa! Creations said...

She is having so much fun. Love that cute little mouse face she made too.