Friday, November 5, 2010

D is for Discovery

In culmination of "D Week" at school, the kids went on a field trip to a fun Science Discovery Center. They were sooooo excited! Meet the cast...

Emma Lovi McKinley Kennedy Julien Grace and Solomon!
Solomon didn't feel like going up on the Pump It chair, but here he is enjoying some of the optical illusions with his buddy Lovi. Girl Team learning all about pulleys Then it was time for a nutrition lesson... ...with Stuffey! This is Grace putting back the small intestine - yuk!
But...D is for Digestion after all! Then it was time to discover fun facts about tiny creatures. First up, a little turtle...wish I remembered the correct name, but this particular type of turtle cannot swim. Guess we all learned something new today! They were so cute trying their best to wait their turn!! Next up, the fat-tailed gecko. This little gecko stores food in his tail so it won't starve; but even more interesting, when in a "fight or flight" predicament, the fat-tailed gecko drops his tail and takes off fast! Grace loved petting this one! She declared him "so chubby and cute". After petting a guinea pig, it was time for the Indonesian Blue-Tongued Skink, which is a lizard not a snake (learned something else!) and who opens his mouth big and waves around his blue tongue to ward off predators. With all this petting, all I kept thinking was "thank goodness for the hand sanitizer". Mrs. Peterson and I were on the same page...she kept one finger on the sanitizer the whole time and she was QUICK with the pump too! he, he, he

Oh my, and then the science gal brought out one of the HUGE Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. And she kept making it hiss. Aaaaaaaaah! Thank goodness there was no petting by the littles. I was about to die!
Play time in the Kids Zone and then it was time to call it a day! What a fun end to D Week!
THANK YOU Mrs. Bryan & Mrs. Peterson!