Saturday, October 30, 2010

a little boo day preview

Noonie & Papa J were going to be out of town for Halloween so on Friday after Grace's school party, Noonie came over to give the littles a few treats. We quickly threw on Hudson's costume so she could see him wear it.

Sweetest little skunk ever! So tickled at her card! Checking out all the goodies In LOVE with this unicorn snowglobe pencil! These little ballerina gel clings are tutu cute! Thank you Noonie & Papa J!!
Grace & Hudson love you bunches!
Can't wait to go trick or treating!!!


Virginia said...

Noonie and Papa J love you two bunches too!!!!!!!!!
Grace: you are the prettiest cowgirl ever!
Hudson: you are the sweetest smelling skunk that we have ever seen!

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