Friday, November 26, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

No crazy 3am shopping wake up calls around here! Around 11am, I took the littles to meet Noonie & Papa J at Bass Pro for a quickie Santa picture and lunch while Lance hung our Christmas lights. As you can tell, they were thrilled with this particular Santa...HA! Thank goodness for a much better experience with our regular Santa last weekend :)

They were sooooo excited to see these though...he, he, he - kids!
After lunch we went to see none other than The Cat in the Hat!!! A local store sponsored a reading of Dr. Seuss books complete with a visit by that most famous cat. Both Grace & Hudson loved the reading and sat so attentively but when it came time to get their picture taken with the love for him either! Can't believe I ventured out with both littles by myself on Black Friday, but we survived and even managed to stop at Hobby Lobby to take advantage of some great deals.

By the time we made it home, Lance had all the lights hung on the house, the Christmas tree up, lights hung on it too (yes, we have an old tree), and all the ornaments out so we could start hanging them right away. Thank you, hon!!!

I thought I'd lost one of my faves and was getting upset, but then Grace found it for me - whew!

Grace was really into trimming the tree this year so I went ahead and pulled out their special theme ornaments for the year so they could enjoy them longer. For the little pumpkin, a mini replica of the vintage Fisher Price schoolhouse in honor of her first year of preschool! That little house is sooo has a little bell that rings and everything - love it!Isn't it cute?!?! Hudson's turn!
Whatcha think of that impromptu tree skirt over his lap???
Cute, huh? HA! His newest trick is taking his diaper off and running naked all around the house...hence the well-positioned tree skirt at that very moment! Dr. honor of his 1st birthday!! Perfect for this year's theme ornament! Super, our elf, makes his debut tonight!!! So excited to see the littles' reaction to him in the morning! And I have a special treat for them too...something that's certain to become a new tradition for our family...a North Pole Breakfast, courtesy of our little pointy-ear friend! I had so much fun setting our table! Pics tomorrow - can't wait!!!


Louley's Belles said...

We'll be making our annual stop at the Hallmark Store today to buy our new ornaments. Lily has been begging for the last three days to go. Curious to see what they pick. I am really considering getting the little playhouse. I had one of those myself and it was one of my favorites!

Heather L. said...

Love the ornaments!!! So cute! Can't wait to see your pics from the breakfast =)

PS - the picture of them with the Santa cracks me up. They were just not impressed, huh??? LOL!

Nichcole said...

SOOOO adorable (bass pro Santa) the BEST!!!!
Can't wait to see North Pole breakfast pics : )

Kelli said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your North Pole Breakfast!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the school little one may see that one on here little tree in the next few days.:)

Saylorsmom said...

Just found your blog searching for Dr. Suess party ideas for a friend. I love your North Pole Breakfast and I have the elf but I didn't get to use him much. My kids are 15 and 10. Saylor my 10 year old is basically afraid to not believe in Santa because I told her he wouldn't come. I love that you are making your holidays special. They are only little once.

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Oh my goodness! That little school house ornament is the cutest thing ever! I love Hallmark ornaments!!! Mine are currently MIA!!! Eeekk!! The hubby hasn't found the box they are kept in yet! :/