Wednesday, November 17, 2010

thanksgiving feast

We've been talking about it for weeks and finally today it was THE day...the little pumpkin's Thanksgiving Feast at school. She was sooooo excited!!! I tried to get a pic of Hudson in his gobble gobble tee but he wasn't interested in my camera one bit. Still, I think he looked so cute! Noonie watched Hudson so Lance & I could go see our very own Running Deer in the school program - thanks Noonie! We were greeted with such cuteness! Mrs. Bryan and Mrs. Peterson decorated the cafeteria with all of the kids artwork and crafts they made just for the Feast. My, oh my, I think they've been very busy! I particularly love this little turkey :) When we got there they were practicing their line-up...oh my, these littles looked A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! They each got to pick how they wanted to dress, and of course, Grace picked the Native American costume so she could be Running Deer! Sweet girls...Grace & Kaylen! After showing us around and telling us all sorts of interesting facts like "Mama, Daddy, do you know what Native Americans called cats??? Mousers! (insert giggle)...because they used them to chase mice away!" he he he We had fun taking some sweet pictures with friends......and before long it was time for the highly anticipated program! They were SOOOO CUTE!! Someone was quite the ham! Grace with Mrs. Bryan and Mrs. Peterson...I'm not sure how they do all that they do with the children but we feel so very lucky that Grace gets to be a part of such a great program and so blessed that she has such sweet teachers. After the program it was time for the feast! And I think they saved the best for last... ...each child dictated a recipe that Mrs. Bryan & Mrs. Peterson then compiled into a "Thanksgving Recipe Book". One word: HILARIOUS! After a little playtime...McKinley & Grace pretending the cafeteria stools were lily pads and hopping like was time to call it a day! What a fun day!

Daddy and I are so proud of you!
You were such a cute Native American!!
We love you, Running Deer!
XOXO, Mama


Louley's Belles said...

That is too cute! I just love it when they tell recipes in their own little words. Love it!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

WOW! I have been hunting everywhere for ideas to do with my PreK Sunday school class. I will copy the turkey for sure!! He is adorable!! Grace always makes me smile!! Thanks for sharing!

Kris said...

How sweet is that! Love her little costume! And I love how the tee turned out for Hudson!!! The recipe is priceless!!

anniebobannie said...

Where did you get Grace's outfit? Did you make it? I need one!

Mary Beth said...

so sweet! and so special! I LOVE the recipe! What kind of school does Miss Grace go to?? I hope that one day when my Gracie girl is old enough for school, I can find a school as great as this one seems to be!

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys! That recipe book is now amongst my treasured ones in the kitchen :)

Hi, Annie~ I didn't make Grace's outfit (I wish I could so that well!). It's by my sweet friends Angel & Amy of TaDa! Creations.

Mary Beth~ Grace goes to a gifted & talented preschool program. It's a small program sponsored by the local school system. It is amazing and we LOVE it!

Jessica said...

geez... :O

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