Friday, December 3, 2010

the busiest month of the year!

We've had a super busy week, hence the lack of posts. Lance was even out of town for part of the week so that always makes it even harder.

A few highlights...

"B" & Teddy Bear Week at Preschool
They each brought their favorite bears from home and had all kinds of activities. Each bear won an award...guess what Grace's bear won? Best Dressed Bear! he, he, he {I think her bear was the only one with clothes, but ssshhh...don't tell her that!} School Bucks
A little reward system where the kids earn "school bucks" for all kinds of things, like good behavior, participating in school drives, etc. Then every other week on Thursday they get to go shop at the School Store with their bucks. The little pumpkin was so excited about these Princess Silly Bands that she bought! Her teacher said she's been trying to teach them about saving their bucks to be able to buy bigger things but so far, no luck! HA! They all want to use every last buck in their little bag every time they visit the store.In the Blink of an Eye
Is it me or has this little one just become all boy / no baby overnight??? He's had a growth spurt here recently and he just looks so grown up to me all of a hoo :( Advent Calendar
I had all these grand intentions to create a super cute Advent Calendar that I saw on a fellow blogger's site,'ll have to wait until next year. Too many projects, so little time...SO, I was super happy when the little pumpkin came home from school on Tuesday with this sweet paper chain to countdown the days until our dear Savior's birth. There's a little jingle bell attached to the top and when all the paper chains are removed, she's supposed to ring the little jingle to announce it's Christmas Day! Here she is removing the first chain on December 1st... She LOVES doing this every night!For the Love of Jammies!
We are definitely a pj loving family and both sets of grandparents must know that because they've given the sweetest pj's to Grace & Hudson over the past couple of weeks. Remember THIS ONE? That was thanks to Mimi. And then just today, Noonie came over bearing an early Christmas gift for the littles. Grace was so tickled that it was a NIGHTGOWN and PINK!!! She's really into nightgowns these days :) Hudson is thinking...where is mine??? There it is! I LOVE this little Santa pj and can't wait to see it on Hudson!
Christmas Lights...CHECK! (thanks hon!)
Christmas Tree...CHECK!
Christmas Sewing...CHECK! (thanks Noonie!)
Last of the Birthday Hat orders...CHECK!
Cookie Swap Invites mailed...CHECK!
Christmas Cards mailed...CHECK!

Busy, busy, busy around here, but hoping to get it all wrapped up really soon so I can just sit back and enjoy this special time of the year with my loved ones. Hope your December is full of JOY!


Amber said...

Love the jammies...Reese has the pink & red santa night gown and it is so adorable!!! Love Hudson PJs too. And YES he is looking more and more like a little boy :( Why mist they grow so fast! Guess it is time for another one....hehe :)

Jessica said...

Not quite ready for #3...but thinking more and more about it every day :)

Unknown said...

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