Tuesday, January 18, 2011

60 is Fab! {mom's birthday}

If you've been following my blog for any length of time then you know I'm pretty crazy about this sweet lady...Yes, that's my mom! Her real name is Virginia (don't think I've ever called her that on here...or in real life for that matter!) but these days she mostly goes by Noonie thanks to these two little ones right here: Saturday was her birthday and my stepdad AJ threw her an amazing party. He really outdid himself, doing all the cooking and planning sweet surprises for her. He's great like that.As soon as we made it to their house, the little pumpkin ran in and handed Noonie the card she'd made her. Lots of food... Lots of drinks...and lots of friends... ...sure make it a party to remember!
And all thanks to this guy: While the grown-ups partied inside, the littles partied outside! Thank you Pop for pushing Grace on her beloved tire swing. Time to shake off the dirt and go back inside for......a surprise serenade! Mom had no idea and she was so touched by the whole thing. Of course Grace & Hudson loved the idea of helping Papa J with the maracas. And then it was time for cake! Truth to the matter I was co-host...but really in name only. I was only responsible for the invitations and the cakes. Lemon and Italian Cream...two of her faves.
Easy peasy ;)Make a wish! Noonie got all kinds of sweet gifts like these beautiful flowers from their 90 year old neighbor and dear friend Doc, and even a crucifix blessed by Pope Benedict from their priest Father Jose. Of course she had a very cute little assistant helping her unwrap the gifts. I wanted to get mom something that symbolized just how much she means to me. She is an amazing person, beautiful inside and out, and always willing to lend a helping hand to everyone around her, especially those in need. I wanted something classic and beautiful - just like her, and this is what I came up with: The outer layer has 4 words that describe her perfectly: strong, graceful, beautiful, faithful. The inner ring describes how I/we feel about her: loved beyond measure. And of course the pearl is her to a T. A huge shout out to Erin and her amazing team at The Vintage Pearl (find them HERE) for creating this amazing piece of jewelry that I know my mom will treasure forever.

Here's to you, mom!

Happy 60th Birthday! I love you with all my heart and I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world to be the only person who can call you MOM. May the next 40+ years bring you indescribable joy and unimaginable blessings!


Kris said...

What a wonderful relationship you share with your Mom. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Teresa said...

Oh Jessica, I love the present you gave your Mum - just beautiful! I bet both she and Grace think the same about you xo

Louley's Belles said...

Your mom is the sweetest and so beautiful! Happy Birthday to her. I had no idea about sweet Hudson's name. That is awesome. Have a great day!

Virginia said...

A day to remember forever! I loved my 60th birthday party! THANK YOU dear Husband, and you my beautiful Daughter, for putting it together.
Grace's card is very unique, definitely made with love. Seeing her and Hudson running around so happy and having so much fun made the party extra special for me.
Your gift, Jessica, is definitely something I will trasure forever:
it is SO SPECIAL! It moves me deeply that you think of me in those terms.I guess that those qualities are being passed down in our family because I think of Mom and you in the same way. I wish that Dad (now in heaven), Mom and my brother and his family could have been present, but I know they were there in spirit and good wishes. Here's to being 60!!!... but most of all, here's to being loved and appreciated!!!!

Kelli said...

Beautiful party. Moms are the best! I love the necklace you gave to your mom.

Jessica said...

Thank you all! Yes, I big puffy heart love my mama! =)