Friday, January 21, 2011

Nelle's {giveaway!}

Woo hoo, it's F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!! And what better way to get the weekend started than with a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

I first stumbled upon Nelle's while browsing etsy a couple of weeks ago. This sweet dress made my heart flutter...Apron Dress + Vintage Pillowcase = Major Sweetness! Love, love, love it!

And you know what???? The items in this sweet etsy shop are affordable! So important these days!

So what do you say we get to know the designer behind Nelle's a little better? Here we go!

Name: Ellen
Hebron, Maine
Etsy Shop
Nelle's &
Facebook Fan PageHow long have you been designing & sewing kids' clothes?
I started in January of 2010. It quickly became my passion. I love fabric and I love creating new things!
What led you to open your etsy shop?
In 2009 I was introduced to the world of custom clothing. I kept saying to myself, “Hey, I could make that.” My husband and kids gave me a Serger for Christmas that year…I was beyond thrilled! I started sewing dresses, skirts, and peasant tops for my daughters…and it wasn’t long before I decided to start selling my creations on a clothing board. About a month later, I opened my store on Etsy.
Is there a story behind your shop's name?
When I decided to open my Etsy store, I called my Mom and asked some friends to get some advice on a name. I wanted it to have meaning…and be able to encompass more than just kids clothing. So we started to brainstorm – and then my Mom said, what about your nickname? Aha! My sister started calling me Nelle (only pronounced Nell-a) in college. So…yes…in case you haven’t already figured it out, it is my name spelled backwards. I know, silly, right?! But I love it just the same – silliness is part of our everyday life, so it's fitting!
What inspires you?
Ohhhh….all of these wonderful, imaginative ladies with your wonderful, imaginative blogs! I am also inspired by fabric, and my girls…so many of my ideas are a result of their personalities. When my youngest daughter puts on one of my dresses she immediately says, “Mom, watch me spin!”
How many kids do you have?
I have 3 kids, ages 9, 6 and 3.
How do you describe your designing style?
Carefree, comfortable, fun…
What do you like to do in your free time?
Sew! Oh wait! I mean, I love thrift shopping, going to rummage sales, and I love to watch movies, and have a pretty long list of TV series I’m addicted to – my absolute favorites are Grey’s Anatomy and Dexter.
And just for fun...if someone came to your home and looked in the refrigerator, what would they find?
Lots of milk! We go through about 3 gallons in a week!

{ahh, a girl after my own heart!} Ellen has graciously offered one of her adorable dresses for this giveaway! Even better...WINNER's CHOICE!

To Enter:
1. Visit Nelle's and come back and tell me your favorite item (1 entry).

For Additional Entries:
2. Add Nelle's to your favorites on etsy (1 entry).
3. Like Nelle's page on facebook
(1 entry).
4. Become a follower of this blog or tell me you already are! (1 entry).
5. Blog or facebook about this giveaway, leaving the link in the comments (1 entry).

Please leave separate comments for each entry (5 total entries possible).
Contest runs until Tuesday,
January 25, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Winner will be chosen randomly and announced Wednesday, January 26th.

THANK YOU ELLEN for sponsoring this fun giveaway! Someone is going to be very happy next week!!!

Don't wait! Go check out Nelle's!


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Natalie Jane said...

The Simplest Collection Peasant Dress is so sweet!

Natalie Jane said...

Added shop to my Etsy favorites


Natalie Jane said...

I like Nelle's on Facebook :)

withpatience said...

I am now a follower of your blog;-)

withpatience said...

I love the pinkish Holly Hobbie knot dress. Love, love, love Holly Hobbie;-)

Michelle said...

I love the holly hobby apron knot dress

Michelle said...

I became a blog follower!

Michelle said...

I became a follower on facebook.

Cori said...

I loved everything! It's so hard to choose. The peasant dress and top are so versatile. But the Holly Hobbie knots ... remind me of a quilt my great grandmother made my parents when they got married. So the Holly Hobbie knots get my vote!

Cori said...

I'm a Little Pumpkin Grace follower!

Cori said...

I'm a Nelle's Facebook fan!

Cori said...

I've added Nelle's to my etsy favorites!

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