Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aqua + Red = Fun, Fun, Fun!

My favorite little girl's room of all time has to be one I saw pictured in ME's Home Companion magazine a while back. The color scheme incorporates aqua blue, red, off white, and pink, with lots of vintage touches. Some time ago, I played with these colors on some crafts and oh, my, - I. LOVE. IT.
Here's a couple of pics of Hadley's room (cute name by the way) from the magazine: Since I love these colors together so much, I was super excited when I found this sweet little vintage inspired postcard from Belle & Boo on Etsy! And check out their cute "Lost Dress" As if the front wasn't sweet enough, look at the cute pull toy detail on the back Finding the postcard has gotten the wheels turning in my head! Although it's meant to be cut out and used as a little paper doll (love that too!), I plan on framing it for a very special little girl :)

And as if she could read my mind, my friend Michelle and I did our monthly Vintage Swap yesterday and one of the things she found for me was an old pink fuzzy kitty with flirty eyes and an aqua bow (said it reminded her of the Aristocats - he, he, he). This will be perfect perched up on a little shelf, right alongside the framed Belle & Boo postcard. Oh, how I love vintage treasures!


Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

gosh its the perfect colours, that room is beautiful x

Anonymous said...

What a fantasy! Oh this is perfect for Grace. Carson and I have Grace a Christmas gift (we like to shop early) and it will go great in her room!

Jessica said...

You guys have been early birds with the Christmas shopping!! :) We haven't begun yet, but we've made a list and checked it twice and my, oh, my if it isn't Carson's name that I spot on Santa's nice list! He, he, he ;)
Can't wait to see you guys!

TaDa! Creations said...

This room strikes a fancy with me too. I hope you do something like that for Grace's room because I've been working on a sweet little something for her as a surprise, and it matches perfectly. :)


Jessica said...

Ooooooh, Angel! A surprise!!! I love happy surprises. I'm so excited!!

TaDa! Creations said...

I couldn't wait any longer so I just posted a pic for you on my blog. You can guess which one will be arriving on your doorstep next week. ;)

Feel free to give it to her now, or save it for Christmas. :)