Monday, October 13, 2008

New doggie fun!

I've been trying to teach Grace about rewards and how some things are treats and not just something we automatically get no matter what. I know she's still little, but better now than later, right? :) She now understands that if she helps me pick up the play room, we can have extra time to read books (her fave activity). So today, I decided it was time for a treat - a couple of new books, so off we went to Barnes & Noble (one of her favorite places). She got the point about the new books being a special treat - she kept saying "new book tweet for Grace", but not the part about picking one or two - she wanted them all!

Getting ready after naptime...checking out her new favorite barrette - a little scottie dog (thanks, Angel!!) Giving me pouty lips (she's been doing this since she was little bittie :) Mama, I don't want to let it go, but I do want it in my hair!!! (tantrum averted...luckily there were two barrettes in the set) Wow, there are a lot of books here! I think I'll pick between these (notice Dora is now a popular character at our house) But wait a minute, here's a little bunny I like Okay, okay (a new expression she likes to say) I promise no more books after this - wink, wink ;) Caught trying to sneak in a few more books to the stack We finally went home with the Dora pumpkin book and this sweet book! ...and a little treat for me - he, he, he


Courtney said...

So cute! Love the outfit.
Have you seen the cute Little Red Riding Hood Knot dress on Etsy?

Jessica said...

Love the Tickled Pink Girls designs!!! The red riding hood knot is adorable - love the japanese fabric with the green cord!

TaDa! Creations said...

She looks adorable! I love seeing the photos. :)

Barnes & Noble is our favorite store too. We've been going to story time there lately. Although we had a full blown tantrum there last time.