Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our little project...

I love creative projects and I hope to pass this love down to Grace. She's at such a fun age - in awe of the world around her, able to follow (a few) directions, picking up new words every day, twirling about and running around like a true princess, and just as happy playing with a bag of crinkly paper as a new, expensive toy.

Today (wow, yesterday I guess, since it's already pass midnight) we worked on a collage - Grace's first project with glue. She LOVED it! She was so excited to play with all the art supplies - the glue and the markers were her favorites. I love the final masterpiece - can't wait to frame it and proudly display it on our wall along with other artwork!

Hmmm...I wonder what kind of project Mama came up with this time? This stuff called glue is SO FUN! Don't worry Mama, I only licked my fingers about 5 or 6 times. Choices, choices, I wonder where I should put this sparkly leaf? You mean this time it's OK that we're tearing up all this pretty paper? Ooooh, markers instead of crayons!!! We haven't played with these since I shared my creativity with your white linen pants. Here, Mama, an autographed original. The masterpiece! Turned out pretty cute, huh? Grace did all the glueing and placing except for the title. All done! Time to make like a frog and hop down! And to wrap up our wonderful afternoon, we made celebratory homemade vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting in honor of breast cancer awareness month and Grace-selected funfetti sprinkles. Yum!

Current favorite words: smart, porcupine, Dora (could Elmo be on his way out??? One can hope, right? ;) , thank you-welcome (yes, all together), bless you (so sweet to hear it coming from her lips), careful (when strapping her in carseat, when changing clothes, when getting in highchair - pretty much anytime there's something she doesn't want to do).

Developmental milestones: Able to spell her name and point to the letters when asked, although she sometimes confuses the "C" for an "O". Counts to 10 in english and 5 in spanish. Recognizes basic shapes and oodles of animals. Can hold a bottle with one hand and pour from it into a narrow bucket while in the tub - couldn't do it well a month ago - she's proud of this one - likes to do it over and over :) Starting to lift her feet off the ground when saying "jump". Sings "twinkle, twinkle little star".

Her current favorite expression is "What happened?" complete with voice inflection, little hands turned palm side out, head turned to the side, and an absolutely adorable quizzical look on her face. She's figured out how to use that angelic face of hers to her advantage and often uses this expression as a way to get out of trouble.

The little pumpkin is so much fun!


Cori said...

Hey, girl! Glad you found me. I'm happy Grace liked her little card. Dora's a popular girl at our house! And now Brother's into Diego. Yeah for little Spanish-speaking cartoon characters! Amelia thought about Grace today. I lunched with mom at El Compandre, and as we were walking in, Amelia told Mimi that she eats there with Grace. Funny how they remember things.
I'm trying to get used to this blogging thing. Sure is addictive. It seems like you should be able to message without having to comment, though. I have MySpace and Facebook, but MySpace creeps me out sometimes, and Facebook is a young un' thing, so I just use it for Sigma Kappa correspondence. Anyway, those lil pantaloons look so comfy. I should probably just break down and buy them before I have someone butcher the pillowcase. Excited we're in touch on here! Sorry for taking up your comment log!

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