Saturday, October 4, 2008

I've been MIA!

What a week we've had. Sept. 26th we got a very difficult call that my beloved 84 year old grandma had suffered a heart attack and was in critical condition. My mom flew down to Puerto Rico the next day. On Sunday night, she called me to tell me that we needed to come down to PR because she wasn't doing well at all. Monday, Grace and I made the 6+ hour flight to PR - NOT a fun thing to do with a toddler (have I mentioned Grace's cheerleading skills before? :). Luckily, we had very friendly flight attendants and passengers, a life's supply of snacks and enough books and Elmo dvd's to stock a library! My grandma has had several ups and downs and is still in ICU in critical but stable condition. Friday during my last visit to see her before flying back, she responded to several of my questions, squeezed my hand, and even smiled at me, which meant the world to me. We've been saying lots of prayers for her, for God's will in her life and that she not suffer in any way. If you read this and have a chance, please say a prayer for my dear grandma - the kindest soul I've ever known.
This is a picture from September, 2007, when my grandma came for Grace's baptism - so much love in 4 generations! While in PR, we had a chance to spend time with family members, some who had never met Grace. She had a blast playing with her 2nd cousins and exploring all the nooks and cranies of my grandma's house. Here's Grace with her two second cousins...and yes, that's the best picture I got of the three busy bodies :) Bonding with my cousin Virginia over goldfish crackers
Right before we left, Grace received a care package from my cousin Nina and her daughter Abigail. Nina has been teaching Abi about saving and doing for others and Abi had saved her allowance to buy Grace some cute "fashions" as she calls them :) Here's Grace checking out Abi's princess photo and the sweet note. After seeing her photo, Grace now calls her cousin "Princess Abidale" :) Some of the pretties Thank you, Abi!!! Grace loves her fashions!

Life has a funny way of working out and who knew that just a few days after receiving the care package, Grace would have a chance to meet Princess Abidale in person! Here they are meeting for the first time As Abi unpacked her school bag, Grace loved playing with all the coloring pencils. This picture brought back so many memories for me as my cousins and I used to play on this same floor some 25+ years ago! Puerto Rico is so beautiful and given the circumstances we didn't have a chance to really sightsee as much as we like to do, but we did take some breaks to take the kiddos to some fun places in between our trips to the hospital. This is a view from the garden of the museum we visited. Inside they had an entire floor dedicated to children's activities. Abi put on a puppet show for Grace Exploring one of the metal and glass fun houses Checking out the labyrinth Beautiful smile Learning about the history of mosaics right before starting a mosaic art project (Grace's first experience with glue...her reaction? Tasty! :) Historic Old San Juan Governor's Mansion at the end of the cobblestone street Nina with Abi and Grace in front of what used to be an old chapel Views from "Parque de las Palomas" (Dove's Park) I guess this is why it's called Dove's Park!! Doves were everywhere! Grace laughed and laughed - she loved it! Here she is stopping long enough to let Mama get one quick pic before running off after the doves! Cooling off with a traditional "Piragua" (snowcone-like drink) after running all over the plaza Fun times at "Parque Luis Munoz Rivera" Monkey bars! Mama's little pumpkin at the same monkey bars I climbed as a child :) Dear Family in PR: we miss you already! XOXO, Jessica & Grace

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