Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inspired to Create

Sweet Eye Candy Creations

So I've been thinking...A LOT...about...Grace's second birthday party...never mind that's in 2009. That's just me. I like celebrations. All kinds of celebrations ~ intimate get togethers, birthdays, baby showers, backyard parties, block parties, school parties (soooooooo excited about what Grace and I will be making for her Pumpkin Patch Party at school), impromptu gatherings, family dinners, and so on.

It's in the details for me. The details that let someone know you made this especially for them, with love and care. The details that let someone know you think they're special. That's one of the things I hope Grace takes away from our relationship - that I love her for being exactly who she is and that she's so very special to me in every way and loved beyond words. That and kindness and faith. If she learns those values, I will feel like I've given her a solid base.

Once a friend of mine invited me to a girls' luncheon complete with proper vintage hats for everyone for no other reason than just to catch up and chat sans kiddos - I loved her for that. For opening up her home and inviting us in, for making the delicious treats, for making us take a break from our crazy busy lives to stop and give thanks for all the things that really, family, friends...freedom.

I will say sometimes my attention to detail, my love for all things crafty and creative, has gotten me some not-so-nice comments. Some people interpret it in a completely wrong way, thinking that it's some sort of competition for an over-the-top Martha Stewart prize or something. It's not that at all. I just enjoy the planning, the vision, the making, the final result...and the smile on the recipient's face. All joking aside, it's sort of like the same runner's high I used to get back when I was running...I need to get back to that, but I digress...

So I've been collecting some fun pieces for the big #2 party next year - some new and some vintage - my favorite. I've finally narrowed it down to a theme I'm excited about - one that combines Grace's favorite things/loves with an added dose of vintage charm. But you'll have to wait until next year for the big reveal - geez, I feel like one of those season premiere ads on tv! But it's much more fun this way, plus I'm likely to change my mind a time or two :) I will, however, show you one of my inspirations: Gorgeous and so much fun, right?! It's from Amy Atlas, one of my favorite inspiration sites. Check it out here. Now go out and create whatever makes your heart sing!


Courtney said...

You are so crafty. Can't wait to see the birthday party pics in 2009! Its never to early to start planning and thinking ahead. That's what we moms do best!
Check out my blog- You won an award.

TaDa! Creations said...

You should read this blog post. She is one of my new favorite bloggers.

Wow, that Amy Atlas site is pretty amazing!

My favorite part of going on vacation is all of the planning and dreaming about it beforehand, it's almost better than the actual vacation. I think that being creative and planning things out is a lot like that feeling too. The waking up at 3am with an "Aha" moment or finally seeing what's in your mind played out in front of your eyes. It's a wonderful feeling!

I think that Grace will really appreciate your attention to detail and your outpouring of love that makes everything from the everyday to the most important events very special for her and your family. Especially if she turns out to be creative like you. Keep dreaming, inspiring and creating!


Jessica said...

Molly's Mom~ thanks for the award! So nice of you to think of me :)

Angel~ just checked out that blog post - hilarious! I definitely know where she's coming from - maybe I'll make my own shirt, letters fused, not sewn 'cause you know about my sewing skills - he, he, he! And thank you for your sweet words, dear friend! They mean a lot :)