Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Countdown to Candy!

Amy Atlas

I love candy day!!! Just over two weeks now - can't wait!

Outfitting the little pumpkin with a halloween costume has been quite a challenge this year. Two costumes down and now FINALLY we have one that she'll wear.

First there was Elmo, her favorite furry monster...until I tried one on at Target before ordering the one she had picked out in a magazine. Boy, am I glad I did - she did not like sticking her head in it at all! She went bezerk! Something like this...
Then came the most adorable candy corn costume - which I was really excited about since it was incredibly cute and sweet (did I mention cheap? :), we already had the perfect orange polka-dotted Puddle Jumpers to wear with it and I only needed to find her some yellow/orange striped tights and we would be set...or so I thought. Nope, tried it on her one night and she pitched a huge fit over having something over her head. She refused to stick her head out of the opening and just pulled it off as quickly as she could. I guess my poor baby was feeling claustrophobic :(

So finally, I found a sweet Strawberry Shortcake costume complete with an adorable patchwork apron and some cute green striped knee socks. Plus it came with a strawberry shaped treat bag AND a strawberry shortcake doll...ah, the memories! It's halloweeny without being too costumey, so I think it's perfect. I think I'll even paint on some little freckles - he, he, he. Maybe she can even use it to play dress up after halloween is over.

So in honor of Candy Day, here are some of my favorite treats. These are all from Etsy, so that makes them even better in my book - I love to support little independent boutiques and their handcrafted wares. In this day and age of sweatshops and toxic kid products, feels good to buy handmade! :)

Happy Halloween Knot Dress by Little Daisy Designs Trick or Treat Hair Clippies by Details, Inc.
Harvest Pumpkin Hair Clippie by Pammydawn Candy Corn Beanie Hat by Gigglegum Owl Clippie by Maya Kapaya Candy Corn Soap by Smokey Mountain Scents Spooky Treats Personalized Stickers by Littlebeane Boutique Spooktacular Cupcake Pincushion by SmarmyPants Cottage Sweet Halloween Picks by Pinkbuttercreme Larger than Life Candy Corn Cookies by Cakebox Cookies Girls Halloween Kitchen Apron by Brody and Ma
And my absolute favorite:
Halloween Felt Sugar Cookies by Sugar Chic Baby !! Happy (early) Boo Day!


Courtney said...

I love it all! Thanks for the cute pink and green barette that you found for us. I love it!
Do you mind if I post it on my blog?
Where in the world did you find the Strawberry shortcake outfit? Too cute!

Courtney said...

Can't wait for the MJ holiday line tonight!

Jessica said...

Don't mind at all! Glad you liked the barette :) Soooooo excited about seeing the rest of the MJ Peace by Piece collection tonight!! 'Like Christmas for us knot addicts - he, he, he!

Jessica said...

Oops, forgot - I bought the Strawberry Shortcake costume on ebay.

Courtney said...

Hey! I didn't get anything from MJ and I am so bummed. She didn't make anything in a size 18 month and Molly is too small for the 2.
But my favorites were the knot top, and the red peasant top shown with the green ruffle pants! What did Grace order?
Yeah, I think that chenile pillow is a great idea for their big girl bed. Have a good day!

Jessica said...

I ordered the knot top and the olive juice pants - my fave!

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