Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hands down, going to the pumpkin patch is my favorite Fall activity. Today, we made trip #1 to a local church-sponsored pumpkin patch. Money raised at the patch helps support the church's missions, so it was extra special knowing that we were in some small way helping to fund charity work.

Oh, my, check out all the pumpkins!!! Eenie minnie miney moe, which pumpkin should I bring home? No, not that one, I want this one! I can do it myself! Pumpkin pickin' is hard work...taking a break from all the pickin' to sit among the pumpkins. Playing in the hay - no major allergic reaction this year! Grace's overalls were so tight! I bought them last year in anticipation of Grace wearing them this year and well, she's had major growth spurts and the cutest little belly to boot, so I had to stuff my little pumpkin in them for the hour we spent at the patch! They even say lil' pumpkin on the back pockets...too perfect not to wear at least once! :) Even if the side buttons popped as soon as she hopped in her carseat - he, he, he! Boo! Playing with one of the church ladies. Not too happy about taking a break for a family pic. Playing while Mama arranged pumpkins back at home Entryway decorations Gourds, gourds, funny and spooky! Not even the mantle escaped the pumpkin decorating frenzy! I love pumpkins!


Meandmyboys said...

I'm so jealous! We haven't been to get our pumpkins yet and I can't wait! Her pants were very snug but I agree that she just had to wear them the one time....too cute.

Jessica said...

Hi, Heather! Can't wait to see pumpkin patch pics of E and M!!! I've got a frame waiting for a cute new pic of my handsome nephews...hint, hint ;)