Friday, June 4, 2010

3 years in the making...

That's how long it took ME to part with that bit of the little pumpkin's babyhood! What bit? Those sweet little golden curls at the bottom of her hair. *sniff, sniff* But the ends of her strands were getting awful tangly and thin so it was time to cut it a bit.

When the little pumpkin was one, I did cut one long piece that was growing out of control, but other than that, today was Grace's first official her Mimi, which makes it even more special. Thank goodness her Mimi is a seasoned professional because someone was
W-I-G-G-L-Y today! Feeling a bit nervous and not too sure about the cape. Having to sit this still is B-O-R-I-N-G! Deciding how much we needed to trim.
{Notice the bribe in Grace's hand} Mimi working her magic. Mini M&Ms by the mouthfuls! And less you think I'm making up all this stuff about wigglyness, check out this shot: Silly little pumpkin {with a chocolate tongue} A few little final touches... ...and we're done! Pretty! Before & After In the end I could only bare to cut about an inch. {Baby steps, baby steps.}

THANK YOU MIMI!!! Another baby is growing up :(


Amber said...

This is a mile stone that I had such a hard time with...surprising since I can cut anyone's hair with out thinking anything of it :) Reese was around a year old for her first hair cut and has had one since then plus the big "bag" cut :) Grace would look cute with any hair style!!!

Virginia said...

I´m glad you only trimmed her hair.
I LOVE her beautiful, soft, long hair... and we can do so many hairstyles on her!
Love, Noonie
(PS: I miss you all!)

Jessica said...

It IS so hard to cross this milestone, Amber!!!

Mom~ you know I couldn't go short!!! No way! :)

Heather L. said...

Aw, it looks so pretty. I always thought with my babies that it's sad because that's their "baby hair" on the end there. I just got Carter's hair cut and it was so hard, but it had gotten so long that people were telling me I had a cute little girl. Daddy wanted none of that, so we got it cut. I kept the sweetest little curl! He looks SO cute now, I need to share pics.