Monday, June 14, 2010

a little Flag Day tribute

I'm one proud mama tonight!!!!!!!!

It all started Memorial Day weekend. I pulled out red/white/blue clothes for Grace & Hudson to wear to their Chuck E. Cheese playdate with Mimi & Pop. Amidst countless questions about the significance of Memorial Day, the little pumpkin declared she did NOT want to wear red, white, and blue. She wanted to wear PINK, white, and blue. I won that one and she DID wear red, white, and blue and by the time we loaded up in the car she was chanting USA, USA, USA while waving her little flag around.

Ever since she's been asking lots of questions about our flag, our country, and the colors red/white/blue. I've done my best to answer her questions and so to go along with her curiosity I decided this past Friday to start teaching her the Pledge of Allegiance.

All weekend during our bedtime prayers she's been wanting to practice the Pledge...three times each night "because Mama, 3 is my favorite number, don't you know?" ;)

So imagine my surprise tonight when, just as I was going to start saying the Pledge, she told me she wanted to do it all by herself...and then she DID!!!!!!!!! On Flag Day no less!!!

Nevermind that it was already way past her bedtime. I did what any photo-crazy mama would have done. I jumped up, grabbed the old pocket camera praying there was enough battery left, called in Lance, and held my breath as she kneeled on her bed, sweetest little hand over her heart and recited this:

Click that little arrow on the left to view!

Sorry for the crazy bad lighting - not sure how to edit the clip - but I'm just so proud of my little pumpkin!!!!!! So much so that we had to call Noonie & Papa J and Mimi & Pop so she could recite it again ;)

Happy Flag Day!!! I feel so blessed to live in this wonderful country and pray God will guide our nation and protect the men and women who make the freedom we often take for granted a reality.


Virginia said...

It is just lovely (and amazing at her age!) to see and hear her recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
Way to go Grace! And way to go for you too as her Mom,Jessica,for teaching her the right things and instilling in her love for her country and good values early in her life!I'm sooo proud of you both!
All my love,

Heather L. said...

SOOOO sweet! I love it!

Jessica said...

Thank you BOTH!