Friday, June 11, 2010

a million and one little projects

It's official. I've gone off the deep end. Maybe it's because red and aqua happens to be my favorite color combination or maybe because I can't believe my baby boy is about to turn the BIG 1, but whatever the reason, I'm in full party planning mode.
And oh, what fun it is for me!

I love the process...dreaming it up, finding creative ways (read: low cost) to pull it off, personalizing it just so, and then seeing it all come together. Love it! Thank goodness I've got great helpers! Noonie is sewing chalk mats for me and Mimi is bringing "green eggs and ham" to life for me! THANK YOU BOTH! I love all the little projects but truth is sometimes I bite off more than I can handle. We'll see how many projects I can finish but for now, this cute little bunting all the way from Australia is calling my name. It'll soon be personalized with Hudson's name and ready to hang. I like to hang the birthday child's banner about a week before the party just to get in festive mode and extend the celebration a bit longer.

Speaking of celebrations, Pop had a birthday this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP!!!
We love you!

Today we had a special surprise at our usual Friday lunch date, Lance was able to get off work and join us!! To say the littles were excited is an understatement. We lunched at a quaint little burger joint ("quaint" and "burger joint" don't quite belong in the same sentence, do they? ;) in a fun new shopping area nearby. But it really was so pretty! Can't wait to see the little streets all decorated for Christmas this year!

After lunch, my sweet little chunky monkey was T-I-R-E-D and needed to nap ASAP, so we had dessert in the car. THE YuMmIEsT (and prettiest) little cupcakes. Here, take a look: Oh my, Vanilla Buttercream Heaven! So good, someone ate it by the mouthfuls! Finger lickin' good! We did a little shopping today too. Hudson needed pj's and what better place to get them than the Carter's Outlet where not only did we find the cutest dinosaur jammies (pictures later) but we also found a great little deal. This sweet dress was on sale for $10 and I think it'll be so cute with Grace's striped knit ruffles for Valentine's Day! Hard to tell from that picture, but it has the cutest little pockets too! And good thing it's a dress because the little pumpkin has informed me that pants are no good. She wants to wear dresses or skirts all the time :O TWIRLY dresses or skirts to be exact.

And a trip to JoAnns for some sewing needles yielded these fun little fabrics that will soon become a twirly skirt similar to this beloved Matilda Jane style the little pumpkin just adores. She's a girly girl, I tell you! And she keeps me on my toes, but she's oh, so much fun!

Alright, better run...a pack of wooden clothespins and a can of red spray paint are calling my name.


Amber said...

Where do I begin....all the red & aqua...the sweet little dress(as cute as the yellow one...hehe)....all of the yummy-ness in Grace's closet...or that adorable fabric for a fun skirt. Are you going to make the skirt??? Can't wait to see what it looks like!

BTW..The SSC shirt came in the maile today...hoping to get to sew it this weekend and will post some pics...if the little peanut cooperates :)

Em said...

I feel like Amber-this post is so full of fun stuff! I feel the same way about my kids' birthdays-I always bite off more than I can chew!-but it will all work out in the end. It always does!
Both my girls refuse to wear anything but skirts and dresses. That red one is so very sweet.
Did you sew the tank that goes with Grace's Matilda Jane skirt?

Jessica said...

Thanks girls!

Amber~ My mom and I will make the skirt (read: I will design it and attempt to sew part of it; she will undoubtedly end up sewing it for me ;)

Can't wait to see the SSC dress!!

Em~ I'm hoping she'll give in to pants come Fall!

I didn't sew the tank, it's Matilda Jane too. But I'm waiting on a tutorial from Angel (HE HE HE, Angel!) so I can learn how! Looks easy enough :)

Cheyenne said...

Love that little bunting! Can't wait to see pictures of this awesome birthday party!

Oh my, I can't believe you already are dreaming about the Christmas lights going up on that pretty street.....! :)

Heather L. said...

I think we were separated at birth! Every one of my kids' birthdays brings so many little projects, and many of them don't get accomplished, but I always have so much fun! Can't wait to see all you do.

Love the dress, it's precious!

TaDa! Creations said...

Ditto what Amber said! So much eye candy here. His Birthday is going to be so much fun. How much time do you have left? And I can't believe he is ready to turn one. That cupcake looks beyond yummy. Sorry to take so long to make a top like that. I'll try to get a tute up in the next couple of weeks. I'm due for another anyway, right?

Jessica said...

Cheyenne~ I LOVE that sweet little bunting. I hope I do it justice when I personalize it!!

Heather~ If you lived closer I would put you to work! HE HE HE Seriously, I could really use your help! :)

Angel~ His bday is June 22nd and the party is June 26th. Don't worry about the tute at all! I won't even have time to attempt it until sometime in July after I get this party wrapped up and finish a set of hats for Amber :)

Amber said...

I had to make a trip to Sam's club today. We always take a look at the Carter's clothes since they always have them for so cheap...and we love Carter's PJs! I found the red, pink and white dress. I saw it when I bought the yellow one but didn't buy it then, but this time I couldn't pass up the price tag....only $4.81...eekkk! I ended up getting a 3t so she can wear it next year but am hoping it fits for Feb. :)

Jessica said...

Woo hoo for finding it for Reese!...$4.81??? Does that mean I got ripped off by paying $10??!! ;)