Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a series of unfortunate events...

...could very well be the best way to describe our family's last couple of weeks - what with unexpected car repairs, home repairs, and two very bad cases of strep throat (Hudson's a few weeks ago and mine just a couple of days ago), but instead let's focus on the positives.
There's always positives.

The littles had a blast at Carson's "Jumpin' Jacks" Birthday. Happy 3rd Birthday, Carson!!
It was great seeing you! And on Memorial Day, the littles rocked some red, white, & blue pride while on a fun playdate with Mimi & Pop to Chuck E. Cheese of all places!
Thank you to all the military men & women that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom! We remember and honor you.
Oh, and just today I signed up the little pumpkin for swimming lessons starting on Monday! So excited!

Here's to a pOpSIcLE-eatin',
BaREfooT-playin' kind of Summer!


Amber said...

I hope it starts looking up for all of you! Espcially that you are feeling better and your house is much cooler :)

Love Grace's whale pants!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Amber! I AM feeling better - Yippee! and my house IS finally cooling - Double Yippee!!