Saturday, June 12, 2010

a lazy saturday

We enjoyed a low key Saturday which was SO NEEDED around here! We spent the morning playing in our jammies - bed head and all - just being silly.

Could this little boy be any cuter in those dinosaur pj's??? LOVE HIM! My little Picasso tried some abstract art
HA HA! And then later in the afternoon the temperature reached obscene digits and so I was forced to join the kiddos in the mini pool, sundress and all! You can tell they were thrilled to stop playing to take a picture with mama ;) This little chunky monkey LOVES the water. You have to watch him closely 'cause he's fearless and likes to dive in head first! His mama...not so much. Right after that picture, my Canon almost took a bad, bad hit. A gross, scary, eeky, GIGANTIC (OK, it was only about the size of a quarter) black and shiny blue S-P-I-D-E-R crawled on me and I almost lost it. Thank goodness we had swapped and Lance had Hudson and I had the camera because I screamed and jumped up like a scaredy cat. I don't like spiders at all. Yuk! Needless to say my time in the pool ended rather abruptly.

We had planned to go out for Mexican food but ended up changing our mind as we were about to leave (yes, we were being so very lazy) and ended up with cheap take out instead. But I did manage to capture this sweet shot of the little pumpkin loving on her baby doll. She's been very maternal lately. She loves her pink baby.

And last but not least, it may have been a lazy saturday, but it was a very productive night for me. Finished a couple of birthday projects including this one: Thanks for the help, mom!

Hope you're having a GREAT
(spider-free) weekend!


Amber said...

We also had a lazy Saturday...but we did go out for Mexican....and it was soooo yummy!!! Seems like we are more alike everytime I read your blog :)

Love the pumpkin's hat! Very cute! Hudson's chub is so cyte. Reese never had much chub as a baby and I think those chuby legs are so sweet :)

OOOOO...I hate spiders too...well, to be honest, I hate all bugs, lizards, snakes, worms.....

Jessica said...

If you guys lived closer we could all go out for Mexican together! Mexican food is Lance's favorite ;)

Hudson IS a little chunky monkey - I love it!!