Wednesday, June 16, 2010

salt water taffy

I heart salt water taffy. {Photo from Make it Do, one of my fave new blogs. Check out a fun little project HERE.}

Want to know what else I love?

How about these fun taffy colored vintage bangles! Oh, to wear pearl studs, fun bangles, a sweet apron like this one and just bake some old-fashioned treats to my heart's desire! Apron by One Shabby Chick

I think I was born in the wrong era ;)


Em said...

Me too! :)

Jessica said...

Em~ I think you and I would fit perfectly in the 50s, don't you think? I mean that as a compliment, of course ;)

Amber said...

What a yummy apron....Sandi Henderson and Heather Bailey...yum!!! Love the bracelets too :)

Cedar Point(an amusement part that is here in Sandusky) makes great salt walter taffy....would it melt if I mailed you some? Might have to give it a will be your part of the craft exchange...haha :)

Jessica said...

He he - I don't know if it would melt, but do sneak a piece or two when you send that package!! :O

The bangles are like wearable candy to me =)