Monday, June 21, 2010

For I know the plans I have for you

I remember the call clearly. It was Thursday, June 18th about mid-day. Carolyn, my favorite nurse at my OB's office, called to tell me my induction scheduled for the next day had been postponed until Monday due to the hospital being too full with emergency OB patients. I'm adding some pics of Mr. Personality because what's a post without some pictures??!! :)

My heart sank. If you've ever been pregnant and close to delivery, you know those last couple of weeks are tough on a woman's body. Emotions run high and you're over being pregnant and ready to meet that sweet little one that's gotten cozy in there for the past 9 10 months. I cried like a baby. Taking solace only in the knowledge that Hudson's now June 22nd birthday would put him that much closer to my sweet grandma's birthday: June 21st. And that HAD to count for something being that my grandma means the world to me. In retrospect it was so silly of me to react like I did. The extra weekend allowed us to celebrate Father's Day at home and enjoy a couple of more days as a family of three before welcoming our new addition. Having gone into labor spontaneously - albeit 5 weeks early - with Grace, I was so very nervous about the induction. But everything went smoothly just like God had intended...on June 22nd. His plans are always perfect even when we don't see it right away.

To my beloved grandma Tata who celebrated her 86th birthday today, I love you with all my heart and I know that even though Alzheimer's has robbed you of your memory, in your heart, you feel the love of all of us that have been blessed by your godly presence in our life. Tata & Abi, 86th Birthday, 06/21/10, San Juan, PR

Speaking of spanish grandmother/grandma is Abuela/Abuelita. When I was a baby and just beginning to talk, I once started saying ta-ta-ta-ta and reaching for her. Being the first grandchild she was elated and said I was calling her by name and so it stuck :). Three granddaughters and five great-grandchildren later, Tata it is.

Te quiero mucho, Tata!
~tu nietecita, Jessica


Amber said...

LOVE the pictures of Hudson...such a ham! Isn't it funny how things that seemed so huge at the moment seem so small looking back!! I do remember those last few days and completely understand!

Jessica said...

Yes, ma'am! Hindsight is always 20/20 :)