Saturday, June 19, 2010

dinner & a movie

Dinner was a disaster last night.

What was it supposed to be?
Tilapia and russet red potatoes.

What did it end up being?
Garlic & sour cream mashed potatoes.

No fish? That's right - no fish.

At least Pink Baby ate on time...sigh. I lemon juiced. I seasoned. I floured. I baked. I took out of the oven. It did NOT look right. I tried to save it by pan frying it and it just felt apart into a big 'ole mess of tilapia chunks. NOT pretty. When it comes to the kitchen, seafood and I do not mix. NOTE: the little pumpkin insisted in eating some fish so Lance cut her a few tiny pieces and she ate it and declared it yummy. So at least I know it tasted okay. But it certainly did not LOOK okay.

I boiled and I boiled and I boiled and I boiled and FINALLY the potatoes were done. Except too done. Falling apart done. Luckily they tasted yummy so I just added sour cream, cream cheese, a bit of milk, and some garlic salt and enlisted the little pumpkin's help with the masher. Out came yummy mashed potatoes, skin and all.

Now onto the fun part of the evening.
Grace picked this out: So after bath time we cuddled up on the sofa and watched Olivia...not quite a "movie" but close enough :)

First, we had to get rid of all sillies so we could relax. Then we invited some friends to join us. Slowly but surely we started to drift off, cuddled up with Pink Baby, of course. And feeling all snuggly we eventually drifted off to dreamland. Do you L.R.C.O.???
Living Room Camp Out, of course ;)
You should!


Amber said...

I just hate the nights when dinner just falls a part!!! At least it was still edible :)

I might have to start movie night since Reese is getting old enoigh to understand it!

Jessica said...

I bet she would love it!!!