Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FREE printables!

Oh me, Oh my! So happy over here that I thought I'd share the joy with you!

So I've been thinkin' and thinkin' of some cute Father's Day projects for the little pumpkin and my chunky monkey to give their Daddy this father's day and just as I was feeling like time was running out, I came across these fun ideas. Best part...they're FREE or very low cost and let you be as creative as you want to be...with a little help {and what mom couldn't use that!}

First off, how about printing a couple of cute cards for the kids to draw a sweet picture for dad or maybe write a little message. And if they're too little like my sweet Hudson, then just trace their little hand inside and write a message from them to Dad.

Click HERE for all the fun designs from Canon. I ended up choosing these two designs:

I printed this one on a full page of lavender card stock {closest "pink" shade I had on hand}, then folded it in half to make a card and I'm going to have Grace personalize the inside for her daddy.

I printed this one for Hudson to give Lance: Ended up printing this one on adhesive paper (Avery 5165), then cutting out the image and sticking it on the front of a folded piece of blue cardstock. I plan on adding Hudson's handprint and photo to the inside and then writing down a few sweet Daddy/Hudson memories. Super Cute and Super Easy!

Next, I found this fabulous idea from Alpha Mom via Living Locurto. Dads are superheroes in kids' eyes so what better Father's Day Gift than this customized box of Superhero Treats!!! {Julie~ this might be a super cute gift from Sweet P to your Superman loving hubby!} So cute in a box like this! I bet World Market has a similar box. The labels (HERE and HERE) are so super cute. Thank you Jordan Ferney for creating these gorgeous labels for Alpha Mom and for sharing them with us!!

And then I was on a roll. While I had the cardstock and adhesive paper handy, I went ahead and printed these adorable Morning Routine cards from Living Locurto for the little pumpkin's school year come next Fall {yup, I'm a planner!} I'm thinking about decoupaging them onto little wooden blocks that I can put on a shelf so that she can turn them over one by one as she completes each task. Then for each morning that she does the routine with a good attitude she will earn a sticker on her reward chart and after so many stickers, she'll earn little treats to go along with just the good ole' feeling of accomplishment she'll get from seeing all those stars on her chart :)

How cute are these little treat coupons from babalisme??? LOVE! There's even two that you can fill in yourself. These will be perfect for the chore chart!

And one last one. I'm lovin' these space stickers from Lotta Bruhn. The colors are amazing! I see a rocketship birthday party in Hudson's future! HA HA

All these sites have amazing ideas and super cute FREE printables - Check them out! {that is, after you buy the new ink cartridge you're going to need} :)


Em said...

So cute! Thanks for all the great links. Lovin' the father's day printables. Can't wait to see Hudson's birthday-the hat is Adorable!!

TheNormanFive said...

I just love the hero pack for Dad. What a cute idea.

Amber said...

Love all of them but I am really liking those cute rockets!

Sweet P Preston said...

cute idea...superman (I mean Thomas) would like this. thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

What cute ideas. The husband and dad's would love these cute things. Thanks for the links.