Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy, I love you!

To kick off Father's Day weekend, we had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse with Mimi & Pop and Lexi & Jade. I didn't get very good pictures, but here's Pop with all the grandkids: A little someone was full of sillies today ;) All of a sudden, pockets have become a favorite accessory, "Mama, you can go swish, swish." Happy Father's Day, Pop! Grace & Hudson love you so much!

Today the littles were so excited to give Lance the cards they had made. First up, Hudson. Simple but sweet. A big smooch! My two favorite guys. Next up, Grace...with a little something she made for her Daddy before school let out - a sweet poem about following in Daddy's steps. I love how she's looking up at him in this picture. He really is her hero and that just melts my heart. "Daddy, I love you" - sweetest words ever! At least once a day I hear her say, "Yes, because Daddy can fix ANYTHING" and today "Daddy can find ANYTHING, he's really good at that" in response to Lance "finding" a confiscated movie cleverly hidden in the pantry :) Love it!

Her sweet card. She signed her name, drew some sweet pictures, and had me write things she likes to do with her Daddy, like Go Swimming and having him push her on the Teeter Totter. She asked me to draw the teeter totter but then got upset because "Mama, that's NOT a teeter totter, that's a see-saw". Sorry hon, I'm not an artist.

To go along with all the sweetness, we had to have a little spunk too! The boots, oh the boots! The little pumpkin was so happy to wear these today. So happy she had to do a little singin' & dancin' to show us how the boots work, "They go tap, tap, tap. Can you do that, Mama?" Think I should check out dance lessons? =)

We had a fun day today, just the four of us. We even went out for ice cream...with sprinkles, of course! Hudson LOVES ice cream, we found that out today too!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men we are lucky to call dads, grandpas, and uncles (The littles can't wait to see you and give you your card, Papaw!). And to my sweet Abuelito up in Heaven, I miss you!


Amber said...

Love the picture of Grace looking at Lance...melts my heart!! And loving the cute little western jon jon and the boots....oh I must buy some!!! :)

Mary Beth said...

love love love the boots!! These pictures are so sweet! MG has the dress with the pockets Grace is wearing! adorable!

Jessica said...

Thank you girls!

Mary Beth~ I was so excited to find such a great deal with that sweet chambray dress! Love when I stumble upon a fun find like that! I bet MG is darling in hers!! :)