Friday, June 18, 2010

raspberry lemonade

Remember this fun stash I won from Taylor at Mary Janes & Galoshes??? Well, thanks to my mom it has now been turned into this: A super cute and super comfy pants set that even the pants-boycotting little pumpkin can't resist! Maybe because they're "pink", maybe because her Noonie made them - whatever the reason she was quite the ham trying them on this evening. Thanks Noonie!!!

I paired Heather Bailey's tiled primrose in butter (from her Pop Garden collection) with the Erin McMorris fabric I won and I LOVE the contrast between the two! Makes me think of raspberry lemonade :)

I'm really loving this cute & easy set and plan on making lots more for Grace to wear to preschool this Fall. So here's a peek at all the details that make this such a fun set.

Let's start at the top, shall we? I found the cute dark pink tee at Target a while back and loved the color so I got it knowing it would eventually make its way into an outfit. Even better, went by Target this morning and found the same tee on sale for $2.50 so I went ahead and picked up another one in next year's size so the little pumpkin can wear the set as capris next summer!

I was going to add some fun yo-yos and buttons but then I remembered the cute flower from Taylor's giveaway so I just put that on a pinback and voila! The pants are so cute on! I'll have to get pictures of Grace in the outfit this weekend. The knee-high fishbowl pockets are my fave! But I'm pretty crazy about ruffled pants of all kinds! Now, onto another fun little find...

While at my mom's the other day working on projects, she let me take a peek at her button collection and I found these vintage buttons and fell in love!!!! I call them my penicillin buttons HE HE HE And then, as I was digging through her stash, I found these!!!!! Oh my, I love the sweet little ducky buttons!! That headscarf...Eeeee! Ever since I found these vintage beauties I've been dreaming up a sweet dress to put them on.
Got any style suggestions??? It's the weekend and I couldn't be more excited! HaPPy FriDaY!

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Amber said...

The outfit turned out adorable. I love quick sewing projects like these that still look adorable!! The pockets are my favorite part!

Love the duck many would look adorable paired with a duck hand embroidery!

Heather L. said...

Everything is so cute, Jessica! The outfit turned out great. I love it!

Those buttons are adorable - can't wait to see what you end up doing with them!

Terri said...

Those pants are adorable! I've been wanting to make some ruffle pants for awhile now but can't find a pattern I like. What pattern did you use?

Jessica said...

Thanks friends!

Terri~ We used the Bella Pants pattern by Pink Fig. Here's a link:

There's lots of similar patterns out there but I like that the leg cut in this one is plenty roomy and it comes with a fun pocket pattern too. {The pocket in the pants my mom made was just our own design}

Virginia said...

Hmmmm... I need to be very careful with you and my stash of vintage buttons...
Oh well, I know that they will probably end up in something I'll sew for Grace,so,as she says: "It's OK, Noonie".

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