Wednesday, October 20, 2010


On the way to school yesterday morning, Grace started singing this silly little song and had me in fits of laughter (all you mamas out there understand what I mean!). I asked her if she'd learned that in Music since Monday was a music day at school and she said,
"Nope, Papa J taught it to me." he he he

So I'm thinking Papa J must have taught the cooties song to her during our last summer visit! See HERE. I've never heard her sing it before yesterday so it makes my heart giggle to hear her sweet voice singing about
bEdBUgs & coOtiEs!

Papa J...this one's for you!

And here are the words in case you need something silly to keep your preschooler entertained ;)

Oh, I woke up in the morning,
I looked up on the wall,
the bedbugs & the cooties
were having a game of ball.
Oh, the score was six to nothing,
the cooties were ahead,
the bedbugs hit a homerun
and knocked me out of bed!

Is it bad that I have a three year old's sense of humor these days??? Hmmm...on second thought, don't answer that!

Let's just say that now I have THE perfect song to get my sleepyhead out of bed every morning! We love you, Papa J!


Sweet P Preston said...

too cute. Grace will probably sing that FOREVER! I will repeat a little song in my head that my papa taught me! Sweet memories!

Mary Beth said...


Em said...

So cute! I sang that song when I was young but it was Beetles and Roaches instead of Bedbugs and Cooties (hey, I live in Hawaii-bugs are EVERYWHERE!). I like Grace's version much better!

Jessica said...

Okay after hearing Julie's version and reading about Em's version, I'm SOOOO glad it was just "bedbugs" and "cooties"! he, he, he!