Thursday, October 21, 2010

for the love of pumpkins!

Kind of obvious that we're Fall/Pumpkin-obsessed around here, huh? Can't help it! We do love all things pumpkin!!

It all started when Grace was born. She was 4 weeks early...a preemie...a teeny tine little 5lb. of pure sugar sweetness! Then she developed jaundice and turned ORANGE! Poor thing had to be in a bili blanket for 5 days to get over it (at home - thank goodness!). It was then that I nicknamed her "my little pumpkin" Get it? Little 'cause she was T-I-N-Y (as in preemie clothes swallowed her) and Pumpkin because she was orange and well, just pumpkins always made me happy, so it was perfect for her.

Anyhow, October is a happy month around our house!Today is picture day at Hudson's MDO. I thought he looked so cute in his little corduroy cowboy outfit and I tried to get some pics of him with my camera but he was much too busy checking things out to indulge his mama by looking at the camera.School Art
Can't wait to turn our pumpkins into
jack o' lanterns!!Who needs to smile when there is hay to the fistfuls!
Off topic...but there's just something about little hands that melt my heart!!! I so need to go to one of those pottery places and have them make an impression for me so I can remember those sweet chubby hands forever!
And guess who's getting a haircut tomorrow on his 16 month birthday???????
Yup, time for a little trim. *sniff*sniff*
Happy October!


Amber said...

Isn't fall just great. I normally dread it since it means the snow is on the way...and you know how I feel about that! But, this year I have so enjoyed it. We are going to the pumpkin patch on Sat. to pick out our pumpkins to carve...yay!

Love little Hudson's jon-jon....I need this outfit....and maybe a little guy to wear it...hehe

Jessica said...

Yes, Yes, Yes - you do need another little one and if it's a boy...GET READY!! HA!