Thursday, October 21, 2010

run, run as fast as you can!

Noonie picked up Hudson from MDO for me today and since the weather was so beautiful, I asked her to meet me at the art gallery so I could hug on my boy before heading back to work. He LOVED the opportunity to run around...and I tried my best to keep up and catch a few pics along the way! As you can see, his motto is "the faster, the better!" The only time he slowed down was when he tumbled into the ground! Oh, and when he found an acorn!
He studied it for a second...
But then it was time to go, Go, GO again, laughing as he ran away from me! He loved playing peek-a-boo with Noonie... ...and I loved seeing my sweet boy for some impromptu snuggle time. I can't believe how fast you are growing, Hudson!How 'bout we make a deal and you stay little??? What do you say?
I love you to the moon & back...and again...and again!


~Niki~ said...

what a sweet 'lil' dude ;)
just found your blog~lovely.
hudson sure is a cutie pie~but you knew that ;)

Kris said...

Three things.
1. What a pretty park that is.
2. That is either the biggest acorn I have ever seen, or it is actually a pinecone?
3. I LOVE that you dress your kids like the kids that they are. I cannot stand the VOLCUM clothes, and such that young boys are wearing these days. Dressing like their dads, and skater boys...Ugh...Also, the whole, skull and crossbones thing, and all of that is YUCK on kids!!! He is adorable.

Heather L. said...

He looks like he's just having the best time! He and Carter would love to meet and just run together. I love how they just run totally out of control and laugh - so sweet!

TaDa! Creations said...


I see so much of Grace in him in that 5th picture down (the great big grin).

Jessica said...

Hi, Niki! So glad you stopped by!

Kris~ You are SO RIGHT! That IS a pinecone not an acorn! I must have still been thinking about the 2 squirrels we saw that morning in a tug-of-war over an acorn ;) And YES, YES, YES I cannot stand the adult fashions for little ones. Yuk!

Heather~ I wish we lived closer so we could get our two little guys together for a playdate!

Angel~ I think they look alike too! He's just 10x more mischievious he, he, he :)