Saturday, October 23, 2010

school carnival!

We had gorgeous sunny weather for the school's halloween carnival...although I must admit I've been wishin' for the patch of cool temps we had a few weeks back to come back before next week's pumpkin activities marathon!

It all started with a few traditional games like this bean bag toss...

Mid Air! She picked out a couple of black spiders for her prize... ...and I loved that she shared one with her brother! But then...THIS! Oh my, this has to be the GROSSEST game EVER! Ewwww!!!
(of course this one had one of the longest!)
So thankful she spotted the bounce house so we could get away from the potty humor. Unpatiently waiting her turnAnd she's off! This was like a mini gladiator challenge!She LOVED it! Made it all the way to the top in record time! I think her smile says it all :) A little snack break before hitting the playground
Here we go! Someone has a thing for slides! Time to head home for a quick switcheroo...and then...
Amelia's Owl PJ Party!

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