Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hat day

Today was "Hat Day" at Grace's preschool. I wanted to get a picture of her wearing her cute halloween hat but this was all I was getting from the little pumpkin:So I said, let's play a game.
Give me a.........

Boo Ghost Face I'm Scared FaceSpook-someone-face Let's just say we both headed out with smiles on our faces :)

Countdown...3 days!


Queen of Good Intentions said...

Thanks for sharing all the cute ideas. I am inspired. Can't wait to see what you send to school for party treats! Love the orange bow!! and adorable hat.

Ashley said...

So adorable! We have hat day tomorrow, but I am not sure or outfit will be as coordinated and cute as that one!:)

Jessica said...

Thank you ladies!

And Ashley...I am sure your outfit will be ADORABLE!!!